Pagani Huayra 2016

When there is talk about the world supercar & hypercar Pagani Huayra is on the top position, Pagani Huayra has not just beautiful shape but a strong engine with a marvel look.

If we talk the supercars the evidence always shows that Pagani Huayra is like hyper than super, limbos and Porsche couldn’t beat Pagani Huayra after mills. Pagani Huayra is named upon the name of Roman god of fire and Vulcan god which means the god of wind. Pagani Huayra is thus the combination of wind and fire, so for chasing Pagani Huayra anything you got is dust and smoke.

Pagani Huayra 2016 - A masterpiece of automotive art.
Image by Toby Parsons from Pixabay

Safety features of Pagani Huayra

are as it has air bags on the front and in side, and the Traction control is also present in it. About this amazing machine we can say it’s less weighted with a huge power as!  Pagani Huayra is weighted 1,350kg which is less than other s super cars more torque of 1,000 Nm. Which make Pagani Huayra real god of fire or wind it doesn’t matter?

Driver’s features are Multi-Function steering wheel, Keyless engine start, Auto headlights, Rain sensing wipers, Electrical retractable side mirrors, Paddle shifters, Electric park brake button, Cruise control, Navigation system and Bluetooth Interface in Pagani Huayra. Security features is smart key and exterior feature Headlights is HID, Daytime running lights are LED, Front fog lamps, Rims is 20th inch.

company owner said that this car is dedica

Pagani Huayra

ted to his late father irv David. As for this it is not a just a machine, it’s a tribute to a father by his beloved son, it the singe of love.

According to costumers point of view it’s a master peace in the history Italian cars. It’s new and unique color collection in one range, each color has its own attraction such as unique black and silver gunmetal metallic exposed carbon fiber with red interior featuring honeycomb stitching and matching wheels.

When we talk about the speed there is one thing one the top requirement is acceleration of car, means how much it takes to boost. Pagani Huayra takes just 3 second to shoot the car just like a built, and the max speed is 380 km per hour, Gearbox is of single disc clutch.

After a heave speed you

need a quick stopping power, Pagani Huayra provide it by brembo four piston calipers for rear and front wheels having 380 mm carbon ceramic discs, so Pagani Huayra create a powerful grip to wheels and provide the driver a safe journey. Pagani Huayra is available in market but the new hardcore is under trial in its mine. Price of Pagani Huayra is approximately about $ 1.400.000 in open market.

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