DNA shows 9 babies found in Bangkok have same father

BANGKOK (Kyodo) – DNA tests have demonstrated nine children found at an apartment suite in Bangkok a week ago have the same father, however powers have yet to demonstrate a Japanese businessperson is that father, senior Thai police specialist Jongjate Aojanepong said Tuesday.

"DNA Revelation: 9 Babies Found in Bangkok Share the Same Father"
Image by kalhh from Pixabay

At a press conference, he announced that according to birth certificates discovered by investigators, the businessman has been identified as the father of 15 infants.

Out of the 15 infants, nine are currently in the custody of a government-run nursing home, while immigration authorities intercepted four children leaving Thailand for Cambodia.

A set of twins is accepting treatment at a clinic in Bangkok.

Police plan to test the DNA of the twins when they recuperate from an unspecified ailment.


Deputy National Police Chief Ake Angsananon stated that authorities have questioned seven individuals, including caregivers, surrogate mothers, and a lawyer, regarding the revelation.

“The most essential thing is to give wellbeing to 15 children, which number may expand later on. The second most paramount matter is to apply existing lawful measures in an offer to counteract offense later on,” Ake said.

He included the Thai police are looking for assistance from Japanese, Cambodian and Indian prevailing voices in their examination.

In a surprising discovery (DNA shows 9 babies )

, DNA analysis has revealed that nine babies found in Bangkok share the same biological father. The findings have sparked intrigue and speculation, as the likelihood of multiple children from different mothers having the same father is extremely rare. The investigation is ongoing to determine the circumstances surrounding this unusual case and to identify the father of the children. The results of the DNA tests have opened up a multitude of questions, leading to a deeper investigation into the relationships and potential implications involved.

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