girl leaves specialists confused by crying STONES

Yemeni girl leaves specialists confused by crying STONES rather than tears

A 12-year-old girl has left specialists confused in the wake of crying stones rather than tears.

"Mysterious Phenomenon Unveiled: A Girl Leaves Specialists Bewildered with Crying Stones."
Image by PublicDomainPictures from Pixabay

Saadiya Saleh, residing in a town in Yemen, produces the small, hard stones beneath her eyelids.

The stones are then regularly pushed to the front of her eyes and fall down her cheeks.

Yemeni TV station Azal posted a video on Youtube featuring this peculiar phenomenon.

The footage depicts Saadiya lying on a hospital bed surrounded by doctors and relatives. One of them can be seen using a cloth to remove a stone from the child’s eye.

A doctor then presents a small box filled with stones that have fallen out of Saadiya’s eyes in just a few hours.

Surgeons were unable to provide an explanation for this condition. According to the Daily Mirror, Saadiya does not suffer from any known disease.

However, locals have expressed their fears that the teenager might be under the influence of magic.

The video includes a moderator stating, “The case has caused panic in the area where this girl resides. Some say the girl could be under a magic spell, while others suggest it may be the work of the devil. Some fear it could be the beginning of a dangerous epidemic.”

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