Aircel offers free Facebook, Whatsapp on all internet packs

Aircel has launched free Facebook and WhatsApp on all its pocket internet (PI) packs for new and existing customers across India.

Alt Text: Aircel Offers Free Facebook and Whatsapp on Internet Packs.
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Clients have the option to purchase a Rs 26 social PI pack, which includes 100 MB data for Facebook and WhatsApp, along with 10 MB for regular internet use and 50 free SMS. In addition, new Aircel customers are provided with 100 MB per month for two months, allowing them to access Facebook and Whatsapp without incurring any extra charges. Moreover, existing 2G and 3G customers receive an additional 10 MB per day for Facebook and Whatsapp usage when they recharge their Pocket Internet plans.

“The remarkable upsurge

Aircel’s 3G services provide extra data for Facebook and Whatsapp usage, keeping customers socially connected.

The telco has likewise presented another TVC on its information administrations.

“The new fight is in accordance with Aircel’s brand situating to convey additional by changing over standard into remarkable through its imaginative items and administrations,” Vasudev said.

Aircel provides the benefit

With the provision of free Facebook and WhatsApp usage on all internet packs, Aircel enables its customers to access these popular social media platforms without incurring any additional data charges. This enticing offer allows users to stay connected with their friends and family on Facebook, while also facilitating seamless communication with others through WhatsApp, all at no extra cost. By introducing this promotion, Aircel aims to enhance the user experience and provide added value to its customers who subscribe to internet packs.

While providing free Facebook and WhatsApp on all internet packs, Aircel ensures unlimited access to these platforms without any additional charges. This strategic initiative aims to enhance the user experience and foster seamless connectivity for Aircel subscribers. By offering free access to these widely popular social media applications, Aircel effectively addresses the increasing demand for online communication, keeping its customers connected and engaged.

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