Comparison of ios and android

First of all we have to know about , let me tell you that, is basically Apple’s mobile operating system.  And is basically means that a machine like human. An Android is the name of the Linux based operating system that is backed by Google and the other members of the Open Handset Alliance. Because of open source nature, Android based smartphones should be cheaper to produce than those that use operating systems, such as Microsoft’s Windows Mobile.

Alt Text: Comparison of iOS and Android logos.
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Here we tell you about some differences about and android. Company name of android is actually Google while is the product of apple lnc. The most important thing which is operating system (OS) and android have Linux operating system and have OS X, UNIX operating system. Android provide too much Widgets while gives no widgets except in Notification Center, initial release of android is September, 2008 and IOS is July, 2007, means is the old product than android. The program which helps to made Android is C, C++, java & IOS developed by C, C++, and Objective-C.

There are many products of phones who depends on PC and Mac but and both are not dependent on them. Media transfer or android is depends on model, every model have different way but IOS media transfer attached with desktop application.

Android is fully customized (ios and android)

Android is available on Many phones and tablets, including Kindle Fire (modified android), LG, HTC, Samsung, Q Mobiles and others and is just available by Pod Touch, iPhone, iPad, Apple TV(2nd and 3rd generation). One common thing of both is Touch Screen Interface. Both have different call features, Android is Auto respond while is Auto respond, call back reminder, do not disturb mode. Android messaging system is Google Hangouts and messaging system is iMessage.  Voice commands of Android are Google Now (on newer versions) and is Siri. Android have Google map and IOS have Apple map. Android support their own internet browser in old versions but in latest versions it can support Google Chrome otherwise support just Mobile Safari. Video Chat of Android is Google Hangouts and IOS is Facetime.

Applications make the importance (ios and android)

Android and iOS are two popular operating systems for smartphones and tablets. Android has a larger market share, with 80% of smartphones and 45.5% of tablets in Japan. In the United States, Android holds 55.2% of the phone market and 50% of the tablet market. iOS, on the other hand, has 13.9% of the smartphone market and 35.1% of the tablet market in Japan, and 80% of the tablet market in North America.

Both platforms offer a wide range of apps, with over 1 million apps available on Google Play and over 850,000 apps on the Apple App Store. Android supports 32 main languages, while iOS supports 34.

The latest version of Android is Android 4.3 Jelly Bean, released in August 2013, while the latest version of  is 7.0.0, released in July 2013.

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