Google closes it social networking website Orkut

Google will shut down the Orkut, which was social networking website.  It is ten year old. Google has stopped to move ahead.

According to Google it will close its Orkut business which is only managed to gain attention in India and Brazil but failed to move across. Google did not reveal the number of Orkut users.

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According to the Google youtub, Blogger and Google+ have surpassed the use of Orkut, so they decide to bid it farewell.

Google has shut down its social networking website Orkut.

Orkut was one of the earliest social networking platforms, launched by Google in 2004. It gained popularity, especially in countries like Brazil and India, but eventually faced tough competition from other platforms like Facebook and Twitter.

Due to a decline in user engagement and the emergence of newer social media platforms, Google made the decision to shut down Orkut in 2014.

Although Orkut is no longer active, it holds nostalgic value for many users who reminisce about the early days of social networking and the connections they made on the platform.

The head of Google social networking service Vic Gundotra left the company in April According to him There 300 billion of visitor per month on Google+. Now Google try to compete Facebook with Google + in order to gain unified identity for customers. Google has powered user to sign in with Google+ in order to comment on videos in YouTube.

The company will preserve the archive of Orkut from 30 April. If you don’t want to have your post in archive then you delete Orkut permanently.


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