This Trick for Office-Friendly Rainbow Hair Is About to Change Your Life

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Technicolor tresses are all the rage, but as much as we value self-expression, so too do we value hair that complements our natural skin tone and doesn’t have the fine people of HR breathing down our necks.

"Office-Friendly Rainbow Hair: Life-Changing Trick Revealed"
Image by imustbedead from Pixabay

Full-on unicorn, watermelon, pastel and rose gold locks, while beautiful, just aren’t feasible for everyone. But now, thanks to our friends over atCosmopolitan, we’ve caught on to a new trend that allows us, hair-wise, to have our polychromatic cake and eat it, too.

Carla Rinaldi, colorist extraordinaire at London’s Not Another Salon, has come up with a way for us all to have kaleidoscopic hair on the DL. Observe:

Rinaldi’s precise, heavily saturated hidden rainbow hair color effect is, needless to say, taking the Internet by storm.

As you may have suspected, locks this incredible don’t come easy. The procedure involves bleaching the surreptitious section of hair pure white, which, as any brunette who’s made the transition to platinum will tell you, can take some doing. And by doing, we mean hours of salon time. As Beyoncé would say, Pretty Hurts.

Next, Rinaldi divides the bleached strands into seven parts, each of which will become a different gradation of the rainbow. “All it takes is patience and organization,” she humbly told Cosmo.

Expect the full process (Rainbow Hair)

to take around four to five hours and be prepared to return to the chair on a biweekly basis (although you can push it to six weeks if you’re willing to see your rainbow through its pastel phase). Plus, once you get sick of salon visits, you can simply pull a Millie Bobby Brown, Ruth Bell, Cuba Tornado Scott, Kris Gottschalk or Soekie Gravenhorst and take an electric razor to your ‘do. The G.I. Jane look is, conveniently, another rising aesthetic obsession of the fashion set.

But back to the matter at hand. We know what you’re thinking: the girls in these grams have seriously full, thick locks, but what about those of us with curly, textured, or fine hair? According to Rinaldi, this style is truly for everyone. However, a one-length haircut or longer layers are required in order for the peekaboo aspect to work. As if you needed any more reason to try out fall’s favorite sharp, shoulder, elbow or chin-grazing chop.

Now go ahead, be the unicorn without that you are within. (Redken Color Extend Shampoo and Conditioner, vats of coconut oil and homemade hair-saving avocado mask not included, but most definitely recommended.)

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