5 ways to look for a mentor at the workplace

In an environment where there are a huge number of individuals doing likewise thing, having a great mentor could improve things significantly in taking you the additional mile as you look to discover that one additional thing that separates you from the rest. ET conversed with masters and offers five pointers on the best way to get a decent a mentor.

"Path to Professional Growth: 5 Effective Ways to Find a Mentor at the Workplace"
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1. Be open to who you can learn from

Converse mentoring has been gaining traction globally, and it is not surprising for senior managers to turn to their younger counterparts to explore emerging strategies and topics. Furthermore, some companies have implemented a reverse mentoring program. For instance, Elango R, the global chief human resources officer at Mphasis, shares his experience: “I have recently started to learn how to code, and the person who is assisting me is fresh out of engineering school. He takes it very seriously and is an excellent guide.” However, reverse mentoring is not limited to age demographics alone. Individuals from different industries or those with seemingly no common ground can also teach you something valuable.

In addition, Elango mentions that his most influential mentors have been two CEOs he has previously worked with. Reconnecting with individuals who have witnessed your growth and have insights into your work can be highly beneficial. Former supervisors, college professors, and past team leaders are excellent options to consider, especially if they have pursued career paths similar to your aspirations.

3. Choose wisely

Look around at your system, and comprehend who inside your association has a notoriety for being a mentor. “You ought to pick a mentor who you accept to have a decent notoriety and remaining in the association,” says Mark Driscoll, Human Capital pioneer, Pwc India.

4. Have something to offer in return

Discovering a mentor does not need to be a restricted procedure. Take a dynamic enthusiasm toward what the individual you might want to have as a mentor is energetic about, and check whether there is anything you bring to the table as an exchange for his or her time.

“One of my mentors was to a great degree intrigued by instructing at the time, so I made it a point to pass along any fascinating articles, books, and so on. I could discover on the subject to him,” says Elango.

5. Work on building relationships

Mentoring is an intentional methodology, and dissimilar to your administrator, your mentor does not have an impulse to guide you. So getting the best out of the affiliation will depend to a great extent on your individual relationship.

“Any mentoring relationship is based on trust.

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