Your employment chances now depend on your waist size

NEW DELHI: Venkatesh Kini and Ajay Kaul will be among scores of top corporate officials partaking in the approaching Delhi half marathon.

Alt Text: Waist Size and Employment Chances.
Image by Mohamed Hassan from Pixabay

Coca-Cola India president and Jubilant Food-Works CEO are focusing on health and wellness to attract and assess employees.

In the Gurgaon office of a leading multinational organization, the interviewers interviewed two equally qualified candidates for the same job. The fitter one landed the position. Due to the sensitivity of the matter, the organization preferred not to be named.

A fitter and better-prepared employee has a higher chance of getting hired and receiving appraisals, according to the HR head. The neighborhood representative of a heading multinational bank appeared to concur.

We prioritize employees involved in games and activities over those focused on marketing, despite slight skill differences.

The bank has been attempting to track engagement levels of representatives and getting to be more genuine about it. “On the off chance that workers are not making utilization of mediations, we are asking them for what valid reason not. All exertions are permeating down from the CEO. There’s a real conviction that in the event that you are solid, you’ll be more profitable,” the official said.

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