Stop! Don’t Share Your Skincare With Your Boyfriend

By Sharon Feiereisen : The Fashion Spot

Instead of cringing and staying mum when your significant other reaches for your $150 facial moisturizer, you might want to let him know that he’s doing himself a major disservice. Because men’s skin actually is very different from women’s. It’s true!


 "Protecting Your Skincare Routine: Why Sharing With Your Boyfriend May Have Drawbacks"
Image by Matteo Venturella from Pixabay

“Men’s skin is much thicker, oilier and warmer (because men have more blood vessels) than women’s skin, therefore men need products that absorb more readily into skin and ones that take its oily nature into consideration,” explains Anthony founder Anthony Sosnick. While not every skincare product needs to be gender specific, it’s necessary that any product you or your boyfriend use be formulated specifically for your skin type.

“One of the most important products for men to pay attention to is their cleanser,” explains Sosnick. “A good facial cleanser will help ensure the razor has a clean shaving surface to avoid ingrown hairs and razor burn. I recommend that men opt for an exfoliating cleanser, whereas women might want to opt for something on the gentler side that’s sulfate-free to avoid drying out the skin. I also always like to recommend a shave cream or gel that is non-foaming to allow the blade to get close to the skin for the closest shave possible. And, as men tend to be on the oily side, any product that helps combat oil, such as an astringent or facial moisturizer that is lightweight and oil-free, is recommended.”


, us ladies have it a little rougher. For women, it’s very important to incorporate anti-aging products into our daily skincare routine. “As they age, women tend to need more hydration than men and also need more anti-aging treatments due to the fact that a woman’s skin ages faster than a man’s,” explains celebrity aesthetician and founder of Kinara Spa Olga Lorencin-Northup. “Women’s skin is about 25 percent thinner than their male counterparts and because men’s skin also contains more collagen than women’s, women age about 15 years faster. Pre-menopause and menopausal symptoms also accelerate aging, which causes deeper wrinkles, puffiness and excess dryness, all of which wreak havoc on a woman’s skin.” (Unfair? We know.)

Celebrity aesthetician Renée Rouleau adds that men’s skin is less sensitive than women’s skin. “They also have larger pores than women and their hormones calm down after age 20, while women’s will continue on into their adult years. This is often why women are more likely to get adult acne than men.”

Rouleau notes that

the key to healthy skin is maintenance, regardless of gender. “Anyone who doesn’t care much for their skin could age quicker simply because they are less likely to wear sunscreen and take good precautions for protecting their skin. It’s all about effort. Healthy, beautiful, younger-looking skin requires commitment, not a miracle, and therefore men often age quicker because typically they are less committed to caring for their skin than most women.” She adds that if men are going to invest in one product, aside from a good sunscreen, she would recommend a good eye cream. “Since their skin is thicker, their eye area will show wrinkles more readily. For women, a retinol product, hands down, is the most effective product when used long term to retexture the skin’s surface to slow down visible aging.”

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