Now control your computer with your smile

Uday parshionikar suggested to use smile to control a computer for people who are unable to use their hands.

He is founder and CEO of Perceptive Devices LLC, worked to invent the smart device by which user are able to use computer with Smile and tilting the head.

Alt Text: Computer control with a smile
Image by Lorri Lang from Pixabay

The device is used in Glass and it is attached to its side. It senses the movement of head and is capable to click like mouse when user smiles.

It is providing Pixel-level control over computer using smile and gentle move. According to inventor he choose smile as key because as we smile we have good feelings and heart rate normalizes, slowing down blood pressure and in our brain endorphins are generated.

According to him technology could facilitate users in different ways that people who are disabling to use keyboard, use this alternatives to typing. It is also helpful to medical personnel that is actively working on patients can take the benefit of this technique. It is also helpful in car, gamers and engineers.

According to him he is not alone taker of credit as he got idea from his son’s science project when he was in eight and he came and asked, how can you control your computer with head. He said he saying clicked in mind and he developed a great idea.


The device is not in production line. Company is planning to create and app for smartphones and tablets.

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