China launches own aircraft engine-maker to rival the West

BBC NEWS : China has launched its first aircraft-engine manufacturer in an attempt to wean itself off Western suppliers.

 "China's Aircraft Engine Industry Takes Flight: New Competitor Emerges to Challenge the West"
Image by Brent Connelly from Pixabay

The state-owned Aero-Engine Group of China was created by combining a group of existing companies, according to local media reports.

It has about 50bn yuan ($7.5bn) in registered capital and will develop both military and commercial engines.


China already makes its own planes, but has struggled for decades to develop engines that meet global requirements.

‘Aircraft Strategic move’

China currently buys its commercial aircraft engines from General Electric and United Technologies’ Pratt & Whitney. China’s military jets uses Russian-made engines.

President Xi Jinping called the new creation of the new company a “strategic move” aimed at developing China’s reputation as a global aviation power, Xinhua news agency said.

The Chinese government, as well as the Aviation Industry Corp of China (AVIC) and Commercial Corp of China (Comac) are investors in the new firm.

AVIC makes military jets and helicopters while Comac produces China’s biggest domestically-produced passenger plane, the C919.

China has taken a

significant step towards challenging the dominance of Western aircraft engine manufacturers by launching its own state-owned aircraft engine-maker. The establishment of this new company, known as Aero Engine Corporation of China (AECC), marks a strategic move by China to develop its capabilities in producing high-performance aircraft engines. The country aims to reduce its reliance on foreign suppliers and enhance its self-sufficiency in the aviation industry.

The creation of AECC is part of China’s broader efforts to strengthen its aerospace sector and achieve technological advancements in key areas. The move aligns with the country’s long-term goal of becoming a global leader in aviation and aerospace technologies. By establishing its own engine manufacturing capabilities, China seeks to not only meet its domestic demands but also compete internationally by offering viable alternatives to engines produced by Western companies.

The launch of AECC

The launch of AECC demonstrates China’s commitment to technological innovation and self-reliance in developing cutting-edge aircraft engine technologies. This could reshape the global aviation industry, challenging established market leaders and asserting China’s presence in critical industries traditionally dominated by Western powers. The future progress of AECC will be closely watched for its impact on the aviation industry.

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