LCD and LEDs

Now a days the world is going so fast and computer is the necessary

for any one to doing his jobs as fast as they can. A normal computer is based on many things and one of the most important is monitor for looking display. Now days mostly LCD and LED are used for this process because a heavy monitor is an old idea. Here we will tell you about the difference between  LCD and LEDs.

"Understanding LCDs and LEDs: A Comprehensive Guide"
Image by Kevin Phillips from Pixabay

The meaning of LCD is “liquid crystal display” and Led is “light emitting diodes” . Technically, both “LED” and “LCD” are liquid crystal displays because  technology is the same in that both display  types have two layers of polarized glass through which the liquid crystals both block and pass light. So we can say that, LED  are a subset of LCD. LCD’s use CCFL (fluorescent) light source as their back light. LED LCD’s uses LED light source as their back light. CCFL (fluorescent) provides the LED LCD set better blacks, colors, contrast, and more even image across the panel.

The crystals do not produce any light as the light comes from a series of lamps at the back of the screen.

LED provide a better picture for two basic reasons. First, LED TVs work with a color wheel or distinct RGB colored lights (red, green, blue) to produce more realistic and sharper colors.

 The dimming capability on the back lighting in an LED allows the picture to display with a truer black by darkening the lights and blocking more light from passing through the panel. It has also meant that LED run with greater energy efficiency and can provide a clearer, better picture than the general LCD.

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