Apple Inc (Biography)

Apple inc is an American company that designs and sells electronics and computer software’s and many online services. The headquarter of Apple is located in California, Cupertino. The hardware of Apple inc includes iPhone ( Smartphone) and tablet called iPad and computer systems called Mac. It is presenting great smart watches called Apple smart watches and Apple HomePod speaker. It’s consumer software contains the iOS operating system which is for smartphones and macOS which is for Mac’s made by apple inc.

There are three founders of Apple who are managing this company these persons are “ Steve Jobs, Ronald Wayne and Steve Wozniak.They founded it in April 1976 to sell the Apple computers. They initially named it “Apple Computers.” But it’s high price make a problem in the business. Steve Jobs resigned and open his own new company.

Largest Information Technology Company(Apple inc):

It is the largest company of Information technology all over the world by it’s revenue and world second largest smartphone maker company. There is Samsung on the first number according to the report of 2015. Apple operates 498 stores in 22 countries, employing 123,000 full-time workers (as of September 2017). Over 1 billion Apple products are active worldwide (as of January 2016).
The total revenue of Apple in the year of 2017 is 229billion $. Apple is ranked as the world most trusted company and a loyal brand in the whole world. It also produce Apple Smart TV which has a best graphics and has a very good response from the viewers.
Now come towards the new products of Apple. It has recently launched iPhone 7, 7+, 8, 8+ and iPhone X. Making people easy and not to carry DSLR with themselves because it is giving a great camera quality that makes a man wonder. A great and a clear result just like DSLR.

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