World’s fastest electric bike unveiled


Alt Text: World's fastest electric bike.
Image by Jess Foami from Pixabay

It might have a faltering name, however the Wattman is no weak bicycle, fit for quickening from 0-100km/h in 3.4 seconds which is speedier than a Porsche 911.


It is the result of a joint wander between boutique French producer Voxan Cruisers and in the past bankrupt electric games auto organization Venturi.

Intriguing that the organizations picked an auto show to start their electric two wheeler as electric engines appear more acknowledged as what’s to come power prepare for autos than in the bike planet. Yet the later Milan and Tokyo bike shows uncovered a slew of electric bicycles.

In Milan, British sportscar producer Caterham published it is moving to cruisers with the uncovering of two electric models and in Tokyo Yamaha discharged not one, yet five electric idea bicycles.

The Wattman is a bizarre looking brute with no edge as it is based around a massive battery/motor pack underneath a molded solo seat that expands up over the “tank”.

It has twin flat back stuns, yet ordinary upside-down forks and sash drive. (fastest electric bike)

Voxan starts preparation of the Wattman late one year from now at the Solesmes Electric Vehicle Fabricate plant in Sarthe, close to the extremely popular Le Mans circuit. Voxan has been making little amounts of bikes since 1999, all with a 996cc V-twin petrol motor.


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