Oppo: A Big Secret:

Oppo is the company of China. It is most famous in the various countries of the world. Like Bangladesh, India and Pakistan. Oppo is introducing the smart phones with very low prices and with high configurations. It also copies the some of the main main features of Apple and Samsung. It is known as the camera phone.
Recently it has launched a new phone F5. With a very classic features and in a very low price that makes a man wonder that there are hundreds of functions in a phone but the price is so low.
However, I am not promoting any other brand and I am not a writer. I am just sharing my experience with you.
The phones which were launch in the beginning were not so good. Let’s come towards the Oppo Neo5 the phone with 1gb ram and 16gb rom with android 5.1 Lillipop. And the price is just about 100$. It makes a man wonder that how cheap price this phone have. But the reality is only known by the peopke who are using the Oppo Neo5. I have saw many of the people crying that this phone is just a rubbish and is just a waste of money but I am saying again that I am not promoting any brand.
People who have used Oppo Neo 5 were saying that this phone has a battery problem. It has just a battery timing of abou 1 to 2 hours if you use it on the Internet Connection.
Now leave, Come towards the F1s, this is a good phone but it also have a lot of bugs. No doubt, They are providing the best camera in this phone but they are also providing rubbish kind of jacks ( charging jack and Handsfree jack) and a bad battery timing.
I hope that you got some of knowledge from my article. I have just shared my experience with you.

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