True Story

My name is Andrew. Ever since I was young, I enjoyed playing with girls. However, when I played with boys, they often teased me, saying that I had a girly nature and should have been born a girl. These experiences led me to develop a dislike for boys. I began to believe that boys were mean and only knew how to make hurtful comments. Conversely, I regarded girls as the best companions. They had the ability to empathize, understand, and feel the pain of others.

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the true story. (beginning)

In the beginning, I was unaware of the fact that I am transgender.

Playing with girls always filled me with a sense of wonder, and their company brought a refreshing feeling.

Throughout my academic journey, I achieved excellence by consistently ranking first in my class until fourth grade. Additionally, I naturally gravitated towards girls as friends, captivated by their exceptional and remarkable nature. Most of my childhood was spent happily alongside them.

 (True Story) furthermore

However, the day came when my life took a turn for the worse. I discovered that I am not a boy but a transgender person. I was well aware that society considered being transgender as a crime, and people used derogatory language towards transgender individuals. It was difficult for me to accept this reality, but I couldn’t go against nature or the order of a higher power.

In my childhood, whenever my mother went out, I would apply her lipstick and use her makeup accessories. I had a fondness for sewing clothes and doing makeup on my face. Red lipstick was my favorite, but now purple is. I often sat with my mother to learn embroidery. She would always insult me, saying, “You are a boy, not a girl. Be a man. Be a gentleman.” However, I spent a significant amount of time engaged in these activities at home.


I was also a skilled dancer, and dance was my style. Unfortunately, my parents never tried to understand my aspirations and interests. They constantly criticized me in front of others. I felt like an outcast and a burden.

One day, during a family event, my father caught me dancing. He was furious and physically abused me, beating me with his belt and throwing me out of the house in the middle of the night. I was terrified.

I found myself in a terrifying situation, facing severe cold, unfamiliar streets, darkness, chilling winds, and a haunting silence. Questions plagued my mind:

“Andrew! Where should I go?”
“Andrew! What should I do?”
“Andrew! What will happen?”

There was no one to help me. I had to face this situation alone, and so I did.

That day was a living nightmare for me. I approached a man near my house and asked for help. He offered me a place to stay as his servant, and I reluctantly accepted his terms and conditions since I had nowhere else to go. I began living with him.

After some time, I met another transgender person like myself, and we became friends. We would meet daily on our street.

One day, he invited me to visit his place. There, I encountered many other transgender individuals. I shared with them my own experience of being considered garbage in society. They all became my close friends.

I decided to live with them and learned a great deal from their experiences. The most important lesson they taught me was to have confidence in myself.

The opinions and judgments of society are meaningless unless we pay attention to them. Do what makes you happy. Don’t worry about society or what people say. Let them bark. Be the master of your own life. Now, I live my life happily and proudly serve as the leader of a transgender group in my city.

Life is beautiful when lived on your own terms. Don’t imitate others. Create your own ideas and let people follow you. Don’t be ashamed of your profession. Be proud of who you are.


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