Shampoo? It is good for health?

Let me think?

Think with me…
What is shampoo?
Lemme explain
Shampoo is a preparation of special kind of liquid through which we can clean our hair easily. It also gives an amazing shine to our hair.
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Why natural water doesn’t gives our hair shine and why water cannot clean hair as shampoo. The reality is that shampoo consist of large amount of chemicals that provides shine to our hair. But on the other hand it also damages our hair. Always remember every thing has a side effect except some of natural.
We can’t leave using shampoo because water is unable to clean our hair like that and water also can’t provide our hair an amazing shine. Now problem is that what to use?
Is there any shampoo without chemicals?
Yes, There are a lot of shampoo which are without chemicals.
But keep one thing in mind. I am not promoting any kind of brand or something.
You can use Baby Shampoo. There a lot of brands which are introducing lot of baby shampoo daily and daily. But the shampoo which I use personally is “Jhonson Baby Shampoo” and i am very satisfied from that. Baby shampoo don’t have any type of chemical. It will doesn’t harm your hair. Its medicated shampoo. You can also take advise from the doctor.
NOTE: In the above article I have not promoted or dis-graded any of the brand. It’s just my personal experience.

Hair Shampoo: Your Quick Guide

1. Choose Wisely: Pick a shampoo suitable for your hair type.
2. Wet & Lather: Wet hair, apply shampoo, and lather gently.
3. Massage & Rinse: Massage scalp, rinse thoroughly with water.
4. Condition (Optional): Consider using conditioner for added moisture.
5. Frequency: Shampoo as needed, but not excessively.
6. Be Gentle: Avoid harsh scrubbing or using hot water.
7. Pat Dry: Gently towel-dry, avoid rubbing vigorously.
8. Style & Enjoy: Style your hair as desired and rock your day!

Achieve clean, healthy locks with these shampoo essentials!

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