15 Years Of Friendship

Samon and Jason were fast friends. They both played together in childhood. During the time, both of them were busy in studying. Samon was very sharp. Honest and true friend. He always used to fulfill his duty. He was a great example of patriotism. While Jason was also good in studies. His nose were tall that Samon always used to troll him on that. After completing study both of them went here and there for job. Jason went to West for job. Samon was in east. With the passsage of time, they forget each other. No contact, No letter, No call, No message.

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Jason Calls.!

One day suddenly the Samon’s phone beep

Message from Jason: Hey Buddy! Hope that you are good. Happy 15 years of friendship. I’ll be there in some times and we will revise some of your memories. Love from Jason.

Samon was amazed and very happy that his bestie is coming to meet him after so long.

That was 10PM. Roads were alone. A tall man was standing on the bank of the road. There were little cold breeze. Wind were whispering. Policeman on the road were checking all the shops with the battery. Suddenly he saw that man.

Policeman: Hey Man! What’s going on? Who are you? What are you doing?

Tall man: Wooo Wooo Wooo! Nothing special man. Let me lit my cigar.

With the lit of lighter policeman observed that he is rich enough. He was wearing a gold tie pin. Rolex watch with diamonds on the dial. With awesome personality.

After litting his cigar

He replied: I am waiting here for my friend. My honurable friend. Friend of my childhood.

Policeman: But it’s not the time to wait here. As you can see that no one is here. Then what are you looking for?

Jason: He will come. I have already informed him that I am coming.

Policeman: Ok then, I am fulfilling my duty man. You wait here. Best of luck for that. Takecare.

Jason: Same to you mate!

After half an hour. Samon’s arrival, with his impeccable style, set the stage for their long-awaited meetup, filled with laughter, shared stories, and cherished memories.

Samon and Jason Meetup.!

Samon: Hey my dear. It has been 15 years. Can’t even believe that you are here. I am over joyed man.

Jason: Hello my friend. I am also amazed to see you. You are totally changed.

Samon: Nature changes everything with the passage if time but you still have long nose. Ha Ha Ha That’s not fair.That’s not fair.

Jason: HAHAHAHAHA! Stop trolling my nose now. How were the days?

Samon: That busy routine. Work Work And Work.

Jason: Yeah Without Work No one can survive bro.

Samon: This city looks so change now man!

Jason: Yes, it is man. Everything changes with the passage of time.

Samon: Come lets have a drink nor something else.

Jason: Yeah why not.

Samon: Take this note and read it after me (I am going to buy a drink read it after me)

Jason: What’s that man?

Samon: You will know very soon.

Jason: Is it something special written in it?

Samon: Yeah, maybe


After some time Jason opened that note and started reading it.


Jason my dear friend. I come to know that you are wanted in your city. You have criminal record. You know me well that I am honest to my country and my duty. So I can’t forgive you because you are a criminal. That policeman was also my man who asked you questions and wish you best of luck. It was all pre-planned. Sorry dude I just have fulfill my responsibility. Country and honesty is most important than Friendship. Your sincere Samon.


After that a policeman came near to the jason and arrested him.


This story gives us a short lesson that Honesty is the best policy that we are not aware of. We must have to fulfill our duty with honesty.

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