13 Incredible Ways to Declutter Your Bedroom and Expand Your Oasis

1. Start With A Good Clear Out 

More stuff makes any space feel small, crowded, and less functional, so think like a minimalist while downsizing your bedroom to make it feel bigger. Begin by eliminating everything you don’t need (if you haven’t used it in the previous year, you probably won’t) and reducing duplicates.

Next, consider the room’s principal function: getting a good night’s sleep. Anything that isn’t conducive to that should be relocated.

‘Your bedroom should be your place of rest and relaxation, so bringing anything into the area that affects that atmosphere is a firm no from us,’ explains Shannon Krause, Tidy Nest’s chief operations organizer. ‘Paperwork, schoolwork, or anything related to your career or schooling should live outside of the bedroom – bringing it in is a continual reminder that you have a to-do list waiting for you,’ says the author.

Decluttering may be daunting, so don’t try to handle it all at once. Begin with the more important things, then move on to drawer organization and well-thought-out closet organization ideas.

2. Utilize Wall Space

Bedrooms are frequently allocated storage areas for unusually shaped objects such as hats, handbags, and bags that do not fit neatly on shelves. When not properly stored, these items are readily forgotten and go underused. Consider putting a series of hooks on a wall for storage that also serves as décor to analyze better and store what you have.

3. Declutter Your Room Surfaces

Declutter your bedroom for more space

Decluttering is more than just cleaning out your closets and drawers. Decluttering visible bedroom surfaces like shelves and tabletops is just as vital for establishing a calm, peaceful environment. This includes reducing the number of goods on the show and finding better storage solutions for items that add to clutter, such as keys, wallets, and jewelry.

4. Take Advantage of Ceiling Space

Out-of-the-way places may frequently give unexpected storage space to help declutter the bedroom. For example, a closet’s area towards the ceiling might be an excellent location for clever decluttering tactics. Use transparent containers to store children’s clothes or out-of-season things, then label them so you know what’s inside.

5. Clear Out Your Dressers

Declutter your bedroom for more space

Bedroom closets are usually given a lot of attention when it comes to organizing and decluttering. However, dressers often end up becoming confusing and messy with jumbled socks, old T-shirts, and various other things. Empty your dresser and clean the interior with a dust cloth at least once a season. Then, organize the storage space by function or kind (for example, all your socks in one drawer). Use organization tactics within each drawer to separate goods, such as adding a small container for business socks and another for sporting socks. Another excellent way to increase storage space and keep organized is to roll your T-shirts so you can quickly find the ones you need without having to rummage around.

6. Open Up Floor Space

Bulky furniture can contribute to the sense of a congested bedroom. Clear the flooring and replace furniture with vertical storage options for a more open appearance. Consider installing floating shelves beside the bed instead of a bedside table or nightstand.

7. Clear Out a Bedroom Work Space

Consider setting up a separate workstation in your bedroom if you pay bills, make crafts, or do any other type of work. Add a desk to one corner of the room, or create a wardrobe into a mini-home office. Then, choose attractive containers for pens, pencils, and scissors, and utilize closed containers for paperwork and files.

8. Utilize Space Under The Bed 

Underbed storage ideas, sometimes ignored, provide various storage options without taking up more floor space. Pull-out drawers, bags, or boxes (measure ahead of time for a snug fit) are handy, but remember that out of sight typically means out of memory, so plan frequent decluttering sessions to keep them relevant. 

If you don’t want boxes on display, an ottoman-style bed maximizes space by raising to expose a plethora of storage inside. This isn’t something you’ll want to do every day, so fill it with stuff you don’t need every day.

If you’re still short on space, consider removing non-seasonal things, such as bedding and clothing, from the room. This is when Hoover pack storage comes in useful; pack up and carefully mark each bag before relocating to the attic or garage.

9. Scout Out Square Footage

When you look at something in your bedroom daily (such as the wardrobe), it’s challenging to detect unused or decluttered sections. Try this method for a new perspective: Take some shots of your wardrobe from various perspectives (from a distance and up close), then zoom in. Determine where the debris accumulates and which corners or wall surfaces are underutilized. One location to consider for additional storage is the back of a door. This is useful for organizing urgent wardrobe needs, such as the following day’s outfit, and everyday essentials like cosmetics or jewelry.

10. Clear Out Your Closet

Declutter your bedroom for more space

People are generally afraid to declutter their clothing, but you have too much if they don’t fit in your wardrobe! Piles of ‘unharmed’ goods lying about do not promote a roomy, clutter-free atmosphere. To avoid it, you must declutter based on your storage space – whether you like it or not!

‘To make it less daunting, consider editing in brief bursts of 20-30 minutes, category by category. Sort through your sweaters to see which ones you actually wear. Then go on to trousers, skirts and so forth. Breaking everything down and having everything in front of you makes making judgements much simpler. When everything fits in your wardrobe, the space suddenly feels bigger and more manageable’, explains The Home Organisation’s expert organizer Laura Price.

With additional closet space, you can hide bedroom goods behind closed doors for a more streamlined appearance. Consider allocating a shelf to ‘knick-knack’ prone categories, such as jewelry or make-up.

11. Incorporate Stylish Storage For Easy Access 

while decluttering a bedroom, keep practicality in mind – you won’t thank yourself while hurrying to get ready in the morning! The goal is to find a method to keep necessities close at hand while maintaining an attractive, clutter-free plan.

Chic baskets, boxes, and containers are ideal for storing tiny trinkets and ‘unsightly’ necessities, and they look lovely when incorporated into organized groups. Avoid transparent materials and go for stackable designs to conserve space if possible. Dedicate a drawer to specific products, such as cosmetics in one and jewelry in another, so you can reach for what you need quickly.

12. Keep Display Items To A Minimum

To get the desired expansive sense, it is preferable to have fewer, larger pieces on display around the room rather than many little ones cluttering up bedroom surfaces. Keep only a few functional (and aesthetically beautiful) things on display, such as a statement vase, a framed family portrait, or a nice-looking alarm clock. Anything else may be kept out of sight.

13. Use Uniform Baskets

Keeping bits and ends (such as spare blankets or out-of-season shoes) in storage baskets will help you tidy your bedroom fast. Choose baskets of the same material and form for a cohesive aesthetic, then add labels to identify the stored objects. This method reduces visual clutter, resulting in a more comfortable bedroom design.

How Do You Declutter A Small Bedroom?

Regarding effective bedroom organization, space limits provide a significant problem; therefore, cleaning a tiny bedroom – and keeping it clutter-free – is critical. Only try to accomplish some things at a time since it might be overwhelming. Set reasonable time restrictions and realistic goals to maintain motivation, and concentrate on one area at a time, such as the closet or the nightstand.

There is no space for maybe’ stuff when decluttering a small bedroom. So be hard on yourself. If you’re dealing with sentimental objects, you might want to enlist the help of a friend. If you genuinely cannot part with an item, look for other locations of the house to put it in, such as the attic or garage, but keep it to a single box if feasible.

How can I clean and organize my bedroom when I have too many things?

You can only organize a bedroom with a few things – at least not efficiently. So the first duty is to declutter. The goal is to end up with just stuff that you genuinely require in your life, so always keep this in mind. When was the last time you utilized or required an item? Get rid of it if it was more than a year ago.

After you’ve gone through everything, look at what’s left and decide which objects fit in a bedroom. If they’re not helping you get a good night’s sleep, move them somewhere else. Electronic gadgets and documents and everything related to job or life administration have no place in a bedroom.

Declutter your bedroom for more space

It’s also worth reconsidering your storage alternatives. Is what you have now worked hard enough? Consider investing in under-bed storage and multipurpose furniture items to maximize your space.

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