Teeth stains

Different type’s stains appeared upon the teeth due to tobacco products and other sweets. Soon after sometime the cavities appeared inside the teeth and gums became weaker day by day, it’s a painful condition there is no get rid of this but only you lose your teeth. So before this remove your teeth remove the stains and clean your teeth regularly.

Teeth Stains - Causes and remedies for a brighter smile.
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I’ll suggest you a simple process by which you get out of this problem.

Mint, with its abundance of antioxidants and phytonutrients, plays a role in controlling stomach cramps and acidity. Furthermore, its anti-inflammatory properties aid in reducing skin infections. In addition to promoting brain functions, mint serves as an excellent cleaning agent, refreshing the mouth and promoting dental hygiene. Moreover, mint’s pain-relieving properties offer relief during periods of discomfort.

Clove is a wonderful agent which not only acts as pain killer but also reduce toothache, toothache is the swelling of gums due to pain and anti blood flow in gums. Clove reduces the swelling which directly reduce pain.    Eucalyptus is a good disinfectant and takes care of mouth. It makes your gums stronger. It also heals cold sores and kills bad breath. Neem is prehistorically teeth cleaner which was used by prehistoric people to clean teeth, in Muslims it was prefer to use Neem stem for teeth cleaning. In modern world there is much toothpaste with neem flavor.

Mint, Clove, Eucalyptus and Neem are the four herbal things by which you can use to make your own toothpaste. This can easily remove stains from your teeth also the taste buds become clear and then you can enjoy the delicious food.

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