How To Do Smoky Eyes MakeUp

This page is related to fashion, style and glamour. By using our help for make-up you’ll feel a basic change in your enhancement and you’ll look much better, pretty and attractive. Now a day’s Smoky Eyes make-up is very much in fashion in between teen and youngsters. To look more hot, glamorous specially in night time every girl want to have Smoky Eyes. Here we are writing to let you know the very basics of make-up if you are new and don’t know how to do make-up.

Alt Text: Close-up of a woman's eyes with smoky eye makeup.
Image by Ольга Мезина from Pixabay

Follow these easy steps to make Smoky Eyes by yourself

Step 1:

First of all use an oil free moisturizer and apply the this oil free moisturizer on your eye lid and than apply the lip balm on your eye on the make-up area. It will coat the base coat and also this is very helpful to increase the life of your make up.

step 2

The most effective rule of eye make-up is outline. Outline the eye and start with your lower lid and make a shape with liner or mac coal pencil. After that smudge the liner line with the help of pointy brush it is very helpful to smudge the liner line. Your skin is very precious and nothing is more important than it so always use good make-up products to save your skin. Branded products are very caring for your skin and also long effective.

The next step is making sure you have a balanced aye make-up on both sides of eye’s. If you feel your liner is spread here and there than just bye using a tip you can balance both sides. Always start by lower lid and gradually increase the amount of color to balance the both sides.

Step 3:

Drag the line from top lid to lash and than start smudge with the lower line to balance the make-up. Smudge slowly to get the desired look and also add brown color to increase the blending to the brow bone and it will also help you much.

Step 4:

To extend the dark shade apply a dark shade and smudge it with brush, In smoky make-up blending is most important thing so you have to keep focusing on blending, your blending should be perfect for good smoky make-up.

Step 5:

On the top of the liner apply eye shadow and blend it with brush keep blending without apply any eye shadow it will give you perfect blended look to your eye make-up.

Step 6:

After that apply mascara in two thick coats. If you have normal mascara than spread the powder on mascara and than apply on lashes it will give the thickness to your lashes.

Your smoke eye are ready * Enjoy *

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