How to get rid of black heads

The stain-like substance that appears on the face, known as black heads, gives a negative impression to your personality. There are many cream and treatments are available in market, but some of them harmful due the chemicals and strides present in them.

Getting Rid of Blackheads - Clear skin solutions.
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Black heads are not only the problem of female but it also affects male faces as well.  These are rough stain like substances which look to ugly. For a bride it’s like a drone attack upon her beauty. It’s not like mole but like a thorn which are present in numerous states. Mostly it appeared under lower lip, cheeks or on chin.

If we look back in past there are some home remedies which are totally based on herbal items. A compound used for removing blackheads, containing components found in almost every kitchen, is presented below. If you can create past at home so it is the purest thing which you have much more batter than those   which packed products and it is also the freshest thing.


The basic items used in the process are almond powder, honey, lemon, and milk cream. First, rub fresh lemon on the face to bring blackheads to the surface and reduce pimples and excess oil. Then, mix the ingredients to make a paste and apply it to the face using a soft brush. After 30 minutes, remove the paste with fresh water. Use this treatment regularly for a week to see blackheads disappear and your skin glow.

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  1. i have faced this problem recently, it’s very terrible i can’t even explain it. the process in above is simple i’ll try it soon.

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