Here’s the Beauty Trend Everyone Was Talking About on Facebook this Year


It’s been years since one of Facebook’s sole purposes was to “poke” your college classmates. With a diverse friends list including your childhood neighbor, grandma, and eccentric aunt banned from family events, it’s easy to overlook that a valid college email was once required to join the platform.

While browsing photo albums and receiving game invitations, Facebook conversations on beauty trends, similar to Instagram, include unedited photos shared by celebrities like Chrissy Teigen and Ashley Benson, highlighting stretch marks, cellulite, and acne treatments.

According to 2017’s Annual Topics & Trends Report by the social media site’s research arm Facebook IQ, the topic of beauty transparency is on the rise. Beauty brands, celebs, and people openly embrace flaws and discuss taboo treatments in 2023.

A close-up photo showcasing the popular beauty trend that took Facebook by storm this year.
Image by Irina Gromovataya from Pixabay

So, what specifically are Facebook users talking about? Since January 2016, cryolipolysis conversation grew 19.4x, hair removal 12x, and permanent makeup 28.9x. Most users were women aged 35-54.

Data indicates beauty topics to expect more of in 2018. But, the stats also reflect the shift that the beauty industry has seen in the past year. People are becoming more open to the diversity in everyone’s own personal experience with beauty and self-care.

Embrace your individuality, let the conversation grow in 2018.

Facebook’s Hottest Beauty Trend of the Year Revealed! (Beauty Trend Everyone Was Talking About on Facebook this Year)

Discover the buzz-worthy beauty trend that had everyone talking on Facebook this year. Get ready to be in the know about the trend that took the beauty world by storm!

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