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From the civilization of human being the social system was developed in which the first time trading started. This system is the exchange of things but it had many problems such as the exchange of big and small is not possible. If you have apple and want to get a cow you won’t get that because the other party don’t need so much apple. Afterward, they adopted the new system, which consisted of metal coins. This system is still works somehow with different shapes &  closures.  There are different types of problem with coins because it was difficult to carry and kept coins. If you want to buy some expansive thing then you should carry the large number of coins.


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What are the Advantages of coin currency?

Afterward, they launched paper money, which has advantages compared to coins. Paper money is light in weight and easy to carry, it does create noise in pocket. But it also has some types of risk. Water or fire can easily waste it. In such situations, there is a risk of someone stealing your money and endangering your life by potentially causing harm. Another problem is that it is difficult to transfer money from one place to another.
As technology advanced and the world became a global village, the need for a universally accepted and portable currency arose.


They introduced plastic money, a type of digital currency, for easy and risk-free transactions. However, this marked just the beginning of crypto currency. Unlike virtual currency, crypto currency is a digital currency used in global communication. Its value continues to develop over time, always accessible in the global village. While some mistake crypto currency for virtual currency, they are distinct. Virtual currency is centralized and displayed in mobile balances or ATMs, whereas crypto currency is decentralized, owned by those who possess the crypto currency coins.

Demand of Coin currency? (From the civilization of human being the social system.)

In contrast to crypto currency, where supply and demand determine the value, manipulators can easily manipulate the value of virtual currency. While virtual currency only allows one-way transactions, crypto currency is exchangeable, enabling both buying and selling at any given time. Hackers can easily target virtual currency due to its susceptibility, whereas developers design crypto currency with robust security measures to prevent easy hacking. Additionally, virtual currency has limited tradability, whereas crypto currency boasts a large and diverse trade market accessible to anyone, anywhere. It’s worth noting that virtual currency may have an expiry date, whereas crypto currency has yet to impose any expiration limitations.

Virtual currency allows manipulation by a select few, with no limits imposed by the owner. In contrast, crypto currency has a fixed supply, making its value increase with demand. Today, the developer receives the profit from those who paid for virtual currency and provides it to them. In contrast, crypto currency utilizes a transparent system called mining, which secures the network and rewards customers with payments from the company.

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