Weirdest Places to Land a Plane

According to the majority of pilots, takeoff and landing are the most dangerous aspects of a flight. Still, a few conditions are less secure than others—yet it appears that all the packed beache to main roads on our rundown, haven’t managed to discourage the brave pilots who navigate them consistently.

Alt Text: Weirdest Places to Land a Plane.
Image by Lars Nissen from Pixabay

Landing at the Wrong Airport (with a Much Shorter Runway)

At the point when the wheels of Scott Schieffer’s airplane touched the ground at his destination, something didn’t appear to be correct.

Instead, the aircraft touched down at Taney County Airport (PLK), 8.6 miles away from its intermediate stop. PLK’s runway is about half the length of BKG’s at 3738 feet versus 7140 feet. The pilots later said that they didn’t realize they were at the wrong airport until they had landed, which obliged heavy braking to get the Boeing 737-700 with 124 passengers aboard stopped on the shorter-than-anticipated runway.

After landing at the wrong airport, the passengers were taken by ground transportation to the right airport and then traveled to Dallas on another fly later that day.

Landing on a NYC Highway

In January 2014, a small plane that was traveling to Connecticut after taking a tour of the Statue of Liberty made a crisis landing on a New York City interstate highway, startling drivers however touching down safely with no genuine wounds to anyone aboard or on the ground, officials said.

The aircraft, a Piper PA-28, set down at around 3:20 p.m. on the northbound side of the Major Deegan Expressway in the Bronx, in an area where the highway passes through Van Cortlandt Park. Three individuals were ready for.

Police and blaze officials said that not the male pilot or the two female passengers appeared to have been badly stung. All were taken to a Bronx hospital for non-life-threatening wounds.

Landing on Top of Another Plane

Reports propose that the pilots of the aircraft were neighbors and had been talking on the radio just before the crash.

It appears they were both under the feeling that the other would give way before the planes dramatically impacted on the runway. The planes’ propellers smashed together as they impacted, causing considerable damage to both aircraft.

Landing in the Middle of an Alaskan Highway

A pilot who made a safe crisis landing on a major Anchorage road said that he lost force, waited for a break in traffic, then slipped onto the frigid median.

According to Armon Tabrizi, he was not immediately beyond any doubt where to land before choosing to put the Cessna 172rg Cutlass down amidst Boniface Parkway on a frosty afternoon of January 2014.

The three men ready for landing at Campbell Airstrip, however stressed that the plane would hit trees. Tabrizi said he also considered landing at Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson.

Instead, he chose to land on the median after seeing a break in traffic.

Landing on a Beach in Auckland

In Januray 2014, an unfortunate Auckland pilot had his fair share of issues after not just making a crisis landing on a gathered beach, additionally crashing into the surf when he attempted to take off again.

The drama unfolded at Martins Bay beach, near Warkworth, when motor inconvenience hit the single-motor microlight about 3km seaward.

A gathering of about 500 individuals had gathered on the beach for a sandcastle-making rivalry before the aircraft skimmed over their heads and landed further along the shore.

Landing on a Highway in Madhya Pradesh

A four-seater private aircraft, with just the pilot ready for, a crisis landing on a highway in Madhya Pradesh in unpleasant weather. Thankfully, the pilot was unharmed. At the same time the spectacle of the small aircraft touching down on the highway in the morning hours startled motorists and brought traffic to a halt.

Captivating television footage showcased the aircraft descending amidst verdant surroundings and flashes of lightning, causing traffic to come to a standstill to ensure a safe landing. The plane, bearing the registration VT-EUC, successfully landed and came to a halt just yards away from rows of parked trucks on the roadside.

Landing on a Pick-up Truck

A Youtube connection of a feature circulating the Internet appeared to be a news report of the miraculous landing of a passenger plane airliner with disabled nose gear. As the plane slides on the runway a driver in a pick-up truck maneuvers the vehicle just underneath the plane’s nose gear to assist the disabled aircraft with a safe landing.

The feature looks amazing. In any case, the feat is still amazing.

Landing at an Old Racetrack

Also in 2014, a pilot safely landed a plane in Parker County after losing a propeller mid-flight. Losing a propeller 2,000 feet not yet decided would cause most individuals to panic, yet for the 79-year-old pilot

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