10 Low-Maintenance Hair Colors That Let You Skip the Salon

et’s turn down those salon visits from monthly to seasonal—who’s with us?


This article originally appeared on Southern Living.

Try as we might, whenever we sit down in that salon chair to get our hair colors ed, we can’t help but feel as though we’ve signed our soul over to either monthly touch-ups or heinous roots. The commitment made once getting a high-maintenance color is unlike any other outside the bond of matrimony. When the roots start showing, we’re not always coincidentally booked at the salon that week, nor do we eagerly anticipate the task. When it comes to the Southern beauty law of distraction, we usually think: “Slap on some more lipstick, that’ll do the trick.” Poof! Worries be gone.

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Unfortunately, last time we checked, a fresh swipe of lipstick couldn’t cover up bad roots. Wouldn’t that be nice, though? So, we’ve been thinking, why not strategically choose hair colors that require less maintenance and save us endless hours (and dollars) at the salon? That’s where low maintenance hair color comes in. When it comes to hassle-free color, it’s wise to think twice before going more than two shades lighter or darker than your natural hair color. And never underestimate the power of a good gloss. These low maintenance hair colors offer highlights and shades that can make your life just a little bit easier. It’s time to transition from monthly salon trips to seasonal ones.

Let’s explore some of these low maintenance hair colors:

1. Tortoiseshell:

This warm shade blends golden blonde, rich caramels, toasty chestnuts, and darker brown for a natural, soft result that grows out flawlessly.


2. Ashy:

This term refers to the undertone of your hair color, rather than its lightness or darkness. Ashy shades have cool undertones and lack warm, golden tones. Ashy blondes like champagne blonde or ashy browns without copper or reddish tints can complement paler skin tones and require less maintenance.

3. Sombre: A natural take on the ombre trend, this style features a gradual transition of color from roots to ends, with the roots left natural for minimal upkeep. The ends are usually two to three shades lighter than the roots.

4. Brunette Lowlights: Instead of going lighter, enhance your brunette locks with warm chestnut lowlights to add depth and dimension. This subtle color change allows for graceful grow-out and reduces the need for frequent salon visits.

5. Balayage: This technique creates natural-looking highlights by hand-painting hair color, blending each stroke seamlessly into the hair. With no harsh lines, touch-up appointments become less necessary, especially for those with blonde hair.

6. Red Gloss: Whether you’re a natural redhead or aiming for vibrant red color, this technique offers a low maintenance option. Subtle highlights leading to your desired hue, combined with an accompanying red gloss, can provide an all-over tint. Research different shades of red beforehand for the best results.

7. Graylighting: Instead of constantly covering up gray strands, embrace them in style. Blending gray and non-gray strands with highlights and lowlights creates a seamless transition.

8. Babylights: Ideal for fine-haired individuals and lighter blondes, this technique involves placing very small amounts of hair in foil with minimal separation to achieve subtle, seamless highlights that blend in as they grow out.

9. Lived In: Coined by celebrity hair stylist Johnny Ramirez, this technique offers a “six-month hair color.” It involves fluid highlights using the blurring technique, falling into shades like bronde or blondette.

10. Sunkissed Face Framing: Perfect for ultra-low maintenance, this option focuses on face-framing highlights rather than a full head of highlights. For blondes, go just two shades lighter, while brunettes can choose caramel or chestnut colors a few shades lighter than their natural color.

By opting for these low maintenance hair colors, you can save time, effort, and money while still enjoying beautiful, stylish hair.

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