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In early stages it was the believe that the Christmas lights make the wifi contention slow especially at the time of upload data to internet, but it was just a thought  there is no such thing which reduce or block wifi speed like natural force. There are some other things which affect the wifi signal directly.


WiFi Problems - Troubleshooting connectivity issues.
Image by Tejas Porecha from Pixabay
  • Electronic devices

The main thing while using internet connection through wifi is the placement of router, the router should be placed that the other house hold devices couldn’t disturb the frequency of wifi signal. Here is mention some common devices speakers, baby monitors, cordless phones other automatic devices. So be careful before placing your router.


  • Someone stealing your wifi

Another reason for the slow wif connection is that someone is using your wifi connection, which slow down your working if you want to make your connection safe put a password to the wifi, and continuously changes it to remain safe.


  • Human beings

The wifi connection also disturb through the human beings, how? I’ll explain every human body has a frequency of thought, its can clear as when we are in funeral every one mentally fell sad and in rocking party every one fill joy, so each human mind is a transmitter if there is a lot interference of human beings in a specific place the router frequency disturb.


  • Your mistake

If you are using multi types of programs at a time such as uploading, live watching something and also searching for wifi speed. It’s your fault not wifi because wifi works upon single frequency and another thing is distance from router because wifi has a limited range area so u couldn’t extend it directly you should have to use tp link device.

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