Whiten Your Adidas Superstar Shoes

Best shoes are the once which helps you run fastly in critical situations. There are a lot of brands that are making perfect shoes. There are a lot of new styles of shoes that are really classy. I am also a great lover of Oxford Shoes and Adidas Superstar. I love to wear classy but i hate dirty shoes. Whenever your shoes become dirty. It will always damage your personality. Everybody look first at your shoes and later on he have a look at your dressing and hair style.

"Alt text: Image featuring a pair of white shoes being cleaned with a brush and a cleaning solution, showcasing the process of restoring their pristine appearance."
Image by Monfocus from Pixabay
Adidas superstars are of White color with Black And Blue Lines On the both of sides ( Left & Right). These shoes are so awesome and classic but when they are dirty they look as bad as they are beautiful.
I am gonna tell you that how to whiten it or clean it.
First of all the things you need to clean Adidas Superstar are “A Tooth brush, Bleach, Toothpaste, Liquid Soap and Hot Water”
First of all
Pour hot water into the kettle or some other thing.
Remove the laces of the shoes and put it into hot water.
Put small amount of Liquid soap and small amount of Bleach into the hot water.
Also put small amount of toothpaste on the other side (Don’t put toothpaste into the water)
Mix the water with tooth paste.
Dip tooth paste into the water and start cleaning the shoes.
Clean it for approx 20-25 minutes
After cleaning wash it with hot water and the shoes will be cleaned.
You will observe the result.

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