Medicines and their side effects

Side effects are a symptoms caused by the medicines. It can be caused by any type of medicine. Side effect can also create many different diseases in the human body.

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In Australia it is estimated that 230,000 people every year got effected by the medicines. In severe cases it can also cause the death of human beings. Get advice about medicines from your doctor.

Any type of medicine can cause side effect  such as antibiotics and penicillin cause allergic reaction in about 5% people in the world. It is difficult to tell you that how to treat with side effect of the medicine. There are many different ways for different types of diseases. It may be in the form of illness. Commonly skin rashes are found in more people.

Complementary and Prescription medicines also cause side effects. In Australia about 60% people used complementary medicines. Many of the people believe that complementary medicines are safe because they are made from the natural resources. This statement is wrong. It is not true.

Some of the medicines act on the body very powerfully and cause a major side effect in  the body of human beings.

Complementary medicines interact with the prescription medicines.

About 20% of people of Australia are thought to take prescription and complementary medicines at the same time. This method increases the chance of side effect in the body because of the active ingredients present in the prescription medicines  which react in the negative way.

Some of the interactions between complementary and prescription medicines put the people life/health in the risk.

Medicines of high blood pressure and some pain killers cause side effects in the body. These side effects can also lead to the death. Drinking alcohol can also cause side effect in the body.

Must take advice from your health doctor about medicines and alcohol.

To reduce this effect in your body take the medicines correctly because if you take the medicines incorrectly it may cause the side effect in your body.

Ask from your doctor or health professor about the risks and benefits of your medicines.

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