Staring at your mobile in the dark could harm your eyes

Staring at phone in the dark is very bad habit. This bad habit cause strain and dry eyes. Follow some of the rules below.

Close-up of a person's eyes strained from staring at a bright mobile screen in the dark.
Image by Pexels from Pixabay

Are you addicted by this bad habit? Using mobile in the dark is a very big risk because it damages every part of the eye causing strain to your eyes.

This bad habit initially causes dry eyes and strain to the eyes. Irreversible eye macular degeneration could be occur due to 30 minutes use of phone in the dark.

There are no proper studies about the bad effects of phone light at night. Mobile phones produce high HEV light or blue light. In certain experiments it has been observed that this blue light or HEV light badly damages the eye cells.

HEV or blue light is a light is also a part of sunlight. However we cannot stare to the sunlight for a long time.

Some of the precautions have been suggested from the doctors. Keep distance from your device. It can be mobile, laptop or computer but make sure to keep distance. Make the screen bright enough of your mobile or laptop and fonts big that you can read comfortably.

It is advised that, after 20 minutes stare at the object for 20 seconds and make the distance of 20 feet between you and object. This method relaxes the muscles of eye.

Playing physical games is more healthier and better than playing on your device. If you play outside, you will become healthier and wise.

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