The word luck is derived from the ancient time story of a fairy, the beautiful fairy name was lucky lived far away in mountains of Albania.

She has wonderful power of magic which changes the people life. If she becomes kind to someone the whole life of that person changed and when she becomes rude to someone, she took everything from him. No one the ever seen the fairy but everyone wants her to be kind to him. Those who don’t know the story are also varied about luck.

About 65% population of the world believe in luck. Luck is not a single word it carries the whole phenomena of success and density etc, means that if your dreams comes true you are lucky. There are other things which makes you lucky such as if your life is save in a big turgidity so you are lucky. If you are wealthy healthy and wise you are also lucky. But my concept is different from the above concepts. I think the person who doesn’t believe in luck is luckiest person of the world.

People who thinks about

Gamblers believe in the power of luck to achieve success quickly and effortlessly. They take serious risks, such as gambling, hoping to earn a huge amount without putting in much effort. However, the reality is that they often end up losing what they had earned through hard work in a matter of seconds. When faced with losses, they make excuses and convince themselves that they can try again and succeed. This cycle repeats, as they continue to chase their elusive luck, hoping for a different outcome.

The businesses upon luck!

I’ll explain you the best business in the world is the business of luck.How? There are different examples of those people which earn by your luck or in real by your thinking of luck such as casinos. The business of a casino is totally depended upon word/thought of luck.  horoscope is another example of business. There are several examples of this as prize bound, shears holding, lottery and other much more.

A very funny thing happened to me last month, I saw a person setting in corner of the main street with a heavy glasses and some chairs and a table.  The man was examining each of them like a doctor who is examining his patient. Actually he is a doctor, doctor of those who are sick of luck. Look around yourself many people are there, tell you what number, stone and color suite you,that’s about luck.


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