Innovated Windows 10

Up to this moment we all know that Microsoft Company always innovate their windows operating systems for the better of all the users who really used windows on their laptop, desktops, tablets and even Smartphone’s for years. Windows products are popular and people were familiar on how windows work as operating system.

Innovated Windows 10 - A glimpse into the latest advancements.
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There are many operating systems

are out in the market and introduced to people but they are always on the side of windows because they say that it is much easy to use and it’s user friendly and more accessible on the other operating system such as Linux and Mac OS X.

People are always looking forward on what Microsoft Windows will have for new sets of versions and editions that are going to be release and have free trial to experience the latest products and compare it from the previous up to the latest products or versions. The first version of windows operating system was released in the year 1985 called windows 1.01 then followed by other versions every year then the NT series were born and released in the year 1996. In the year 2000 new version of Windows called Windows 2000 NT 5.0 Professional and Windows ME in the same year.

After the Windows XP version NT 5.1 had five (5) or more different editions in same year of 2001.

The company also released Windows XP Professional version NT 5.2 in the year 2005 but its detailed on what bit you are using which is Windows XP Professional x64, then after 2 years Windows Vista version NT 6.0 released which had 4 editions which up to now in some offices still used it.

Today many of us use Windows 8 to experience the innovative of the operating system; there are reviews that say it was cool, amazing and great. In some changes included a touch-optimized windows shell based on Microsoft on they called “Metro” design language, its start screen which displays programs and dynamically updated content on a grid tiles, a new platform for developing applications with prominent on touch screen input, then the integration with online services including the ability to sync apps and settings between devices and its store, windows online store for downloading and purchasing of new software.

The Windows 8 added a support for USB 3.0 port

, Advanced Format on the hard drives, the near field communications, and cloud computing. By the looks of it, you can say it is really an upgraded version where you can view your files such as videos, pictures, documents and downloaded files from the start screen where all you have to do is to click the picture or gallery logo, document logo, video logo and other logo that you can get in the files.

The Windows 8 were followed by the 8.1 version NT 6.3 also had three (3) editions. Windows 8.1 received reasonably positive response, with critics admiring the expanded functionality available to apps in comparing to its followed version, its combination with OneDrive, along with the user interface tweaks and the addition of expanded tutorials on how to use the Windows 8 interface.

Now the new windows operating system developed by Microsoft

is the Windows 10, it is an upcoming operating system developed which is part of the Windows NT family of operating systems. It’s goal is to unify the PC, Phone, Embedded and the Xbox One products, as well as new categories such as the Surface Hub and HoloLens, around a common internal core. Its user interface was an evolution of the version NT 6.2, with focusing on the transitions between the behaviors suitable for the type of device and the available put in methods. To improve the experience for keyboard and mouse users, it adds a new modification of the desktop start menu and a virtual desktop system, and allows the Store apps to run with in windows on the desktop as well as its full-screen mode.

The early reviews on the new operating system

was that the continuum and interface improved, the notifications bar has the best parts of the Charm bar, the Cortana makes sense of both search and voice control, and Universal apps are much higher quality on desktop and phone. It is coming along very well but there are still some issues to be discus, but this is the one of Microsoft’s most popular releases yet.

We all know that Microsoft Company keeps improving and giving its best to the people to have an easy access to every application and software that is compatible with the operating system and server pack.

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