Increasing battery life using Sand

There have been numerous changes and advancements in technology in this century, leading to significant enhancements in devices. However, the predictability of mobile batteries remains uncertain. In today’s world, we strive to create increasingly sophisticated mobile devices with multipurpose capabilities, but these advancements come at the cost of higher power consumption. The more features a mobile device offers, the greater the likelihood of draining its battery.

Alt Text: Sand for Increasing Battery Life
Image by Денис Марчук from Pixabay

I think we are getting power at cost. Battery technology needs attention, innovation. Thanks to the Scientist at University of California worked to threefold the battery life in friendly environment. Yes! Using the sand.

It is very interesting way to produce lithium ion battery anodes which give high performance. However there is little difficulty to produce on large scale.

Researchers have explored the possibility of replacing graphite with sands containing a higher amount of Quartz. The salt was purified and powdered, and then a mixture of salt and magnesium was used as a base. The product was subjected to heat, which caused the release of oxygen, resulting in pure silicon. The resulting material packed three times the energy compared to graphite anodes, thus offering the potential for longer battery life, up to three times or possibly more.

These findings, reported in a paper published in Nature Scientific Reports, are expected to soon be utilized at a commercial level in the market. The researchers aim to develop a large quantity of nano silicon sand batteries, with the goal of making them increasingly smaller.

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