Google Pixel 2 leak reveals design and features of flagship Smart Phone

Google Pixel 2 leak reveals design and features of flagship Android smart phone. Gadget fans are eagerly keeping a close eye on Google as October approaches. The tech company is expected to unveil the new phone with impressive Pixels, creating great anticipation in the tech world.

An image of the Google Pixel 2 smartphone, showcasing its design and screen interface.
Image by Simon from Pixabay

The high price and high profile of  Apple’s iPhone has become nothing for the Android phones and the next month is finishing very nearly.

Google has revealed some of the leak pics of design and features of the upcoming iPhone8 and Samsung Galaxy S8.

Forget the iPhone: Samsung just launched a FLIP phone.

Olixar presents some of the concepts and renders of what the phones will look like.

Like Samsung S8, Google is removing the bezels from the side of the phone and also pushing for even big display whilst will keep the same casing of body. The expectation is that the phone will use curved glass over a flat OLED display.

Exciting news for phone fans! The highly anticipated Samsung Galaxy Note8, featuring a big screen, may make its appearance after August 23. Stay tuned for more updates!

Google Pixel 2 Leak Unveils Design and Flagship Features of Smart Phone

A recent leak has provided an exciting glimpse into the upcoming Google Pixel 2. Get ready for the Google Pixel 2! This groundbreaking smartphone is set to redefine mobile technology and leave you amazed. Get ready for a new era of innovation and possibilities! Get ready for a cutting-edge device that promises to deliver an exceptional user experience and redefine the boundaries of mobile technology. Stay tuned for more updates on this eagerly awaited flagship phone!

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