FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Icons

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Icons: New legendary players REVEALED as game edges closer to September release date


The official logo of FIFA 18 Ultimate Team Icons, showcasing the game's exclusive legendary players.
Image by Tayeb MEZAHDIA from Pixabay

FIFA 18 Ultimate Team is the game of PlayStation and Xbox. This game has high graphics and legendary characters are being introduced in this game.

This game shows the real faces of the legendary players. Pele, Ronaldo Nazario, Maradona and Thierry Henry had been announced by the June but they will join with more different faces.

The big name joining the ranks is World Cup and Ronaldinho.

Cole said that”If you spent hours in a garden like me trying to replicate his famous elastico than Ronaldinho and when you start building your team next month will be top of your transfer list”.

EA Sports said that it It is making a change in the face icons and whole icon system.

Each player will have three game versions representing different tricks, career points, and ratings.

Cole explained that Take Ronaldinho as a example

“He will have one item on 2010 and winning title with his final year with AC Milan, another based at PSG and winning the World Cup in 2002

FIFA 18 is set to launch on Sep 29, but you can order icon edition from Amazon for £89.99.

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