Firefly wheelchair as Electronic motorcycle

As we all know disability in any form bring difficulties in life. Having a walk with a dog, shopping, moving to sea shore etc. takes a little more efforts. Discover the cutting-edge Firefly Wheelchair, now transformed into an electrifying motorcycle, merging accessibility and exhilaration in one groundbreaking invention.

Image by Wolfgang Eckert from PixabayAlways everything requires a planning. When you are using a chair to move around or seeing difficult to go to a trip, you need a gadget.  The Rio Mobility created the Firefly wheelchair which is electronic wheelchair in which parts of scooter are attached to make it power wheel chair.  It is helping disable people to move around. It can be drive on road easily 18km/h. It does seemed to a fast yet but enough to move instead of manually.

There are two break levers, speedo meter, odometer and some kind of ergonomic adjustments. Per charge it can move to 24 km. It is better for short tip rather to coop in car.

IT weighs to 15 kg so easy lift up and putting in car and there are different alternatives from short to medium to make you choose it instead of car.

The price plan is now as $2000. The company has the option of manual and electric hand cycle and also dual lever drive system to offer.

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