The Bluetooth gadget that turns your finger into a ‘MAGIC WAND’

We’ve as of now seen smart rings that tell the time, and rings that show warnings from a smartphone yet the most recent wave gimmicks rings that control pretty much anything you can consider.


"Revolutionary Bluetooth Device: Transforming Your Finger into a 'MAGIC WAND'"
Image by Steve Buissinne from Pixabay

For instance, drawing an envelope shape in mid-air opens an email, drawing a Polaroid opens the Polaroid application on a joined telephone, or drawing a musical note will begin playing melodies.

Ring likewise accompanies Text Transmission that lets individuals compose messages by drawing letters with their finger in mid-air.

To activate the Ring, users press a button on the side. The Ring, powered by a battery, includes motion sensors, a touch sensor, a Bluetooth chip, LEDs, and a vibration pad.

Users can choose to receive alerts and notifications, such as new messages or Facebook posts, through vibrations or flashing LEDs near the power button.

To make installments, Ring interfaces through Bluetooth to Apple’s ibeacon application.

The ring uses GPS to locate the wearer’s shop or restaurant, allowing them to trace their finger over the bill’s numbers to indicate the charged amount to iBeacon. The payment is then confirmed.

Logbar’s Ring can connect via Bluetooth to smart devices or compatible devices within a network, including smart lights, TVs, Google Glass, and smartwatches.

Ring presently works with ios 7 and Android 4.4. Logbar is taking a shot at a Windows Phone variant.


To attain financing for the Ring, Yoshida set up a Kickstarter crusade that runs until April 4.

Yoshida needed to raise $250,000 (£149,000) yet the crusade has effectively arrived at more than $433,000 (£259,000).

To attain financing for the Ring, imagined, Logbar has set up a Kickstarter battle that runs until April 4. The firm needed to raise $250,000 (£149,000) however the fight has effectively arrived at more than $433,000 (£259,000).

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