This Magical Harry Potter Christmas Tree Will Make You Never Want A Plain Old Pine Again :By the time you hit adulthood, Christmas has pretty much lost its magic. From the day our mothers left the tags on our Christmas gifts, and we realized that no, Santa doesn’t shop at TJ Maxx, our holidays have been devoid of the magic that came along with that jolly, chubby old guy who had a bunch of elves enslaved in helping out at his toy factory. 

A mesmerizing Harry Potter-themed Christmas tree adorned with enchanting decorations and ornaments. Immerse yourself in the magical world of Harry Potter and embrace the holiday spirit like never before in our captivating blog post."
Image by cathryn040 from Pixabay

It’s time we put the magic back in Christmas, and this dedicated Harry Potter fan created just the tree for the job.

Kathryn Burnett created the Harry Potter-themed Christmas tree using things she collected during her visits to the Harry Potter studio tour in London. It features everything from a Ravenclaw diadem to the Dolores Umbridge unicycle. It even has a too-cute owl in a cage, and of course, it’s topped with a sorting hat. What house do you think the tree would have fit in?

“The two things I love the most are Christmas and Harry Potter.

idea, but now they love it,” she said.

It was well worth it because the tree is almost as magical as Howarts’ Christmas dinner. Check it out below!

The Harry Potter Christmas Tree you’re referring to sounds like a delightful and enchanting holiday decoration for fans of the beloved book and film series. While I don’t have access to current or specific information on the latest trends or products beyond my knowledge cutoff in September 2021, I can still provide some general ideas on how you might create a magical Harry Potter-themed Christmas tree.

To create a magical Harry Potter Christmas tree, you can consider incorporating the following elements:

  1. Sorting Hat Tree Topper: Place a Sorting Hat on top of the tree as a unique and recognizable touch. You could either purchase a ready-made Sorting Hat topper or make one using craft supplies.
  2. Hogwarts House Ornaments: Decorate the tree with ornaments representing each of the four Hogwarts houses – Gryffindor, Hufflepuff, Ravenclaw, and Slytherin. You can find or create ornaments featuring the house crests, colors, or mascots.

3. Wand Decorations:

Attach small replica wands to the branches of the tree. You can find or make miniature versions of famous characters’ wands, such as Harry Potter’s wand, Hermione Granger’s wand, or Voldemort’s wand.

  1. Golden Snitch Baubles: Hang golden snitch ornaments throughout the tree to add a touch of Quidditch magic. These can be either store-bought or handmade using golden spheres and wings.
  • Potion Bottle Ornaments: Create or purchase miniature potion bottles filled with colorful liquids or glitter. Hang them on the tree to represent the potions from the Harry Potter world.

  • Hogwarts Acceptance Letters: Attach Hogwarts acceptance letter replicas to the branches using ribbons. These can be printed or crafted using parchment-style paper.

  • House Scarf Garland: String together mini scarves in the colors of the four houses to create a garland that wraps around the tree. This adds a cozy and festive touch to the overall theme.

  • 8. Miniature Book Ornaments:

    Find or create small, lightweight replicas of the Harry Potter books. Hang them on the tree to symbolize the magical world of Hogwarts.

    1. Magical Creatures: Include ornaments or figurines representing magical creatures from the Harry Potter universe, such as owls, dragons, hippogriffs, or the iconic phoenix, Fawkes.
  • Hogwarts Castle Tree Skirt: Place a tree skirt designed to resemble the Hogwarts castle beneath the tree. This will create a beautiful and immersive setting for your magical Harry Potter Christmas tree.

  • Remember, these are just suggestions, and you can tailor your Harry Potter Christmas tree to your preferences and creativity. Enjoy the process of bringing the enchanting world of Harry Potter into your holiday celebrations!

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