Is the iphone 6 too bendy

First and foremost there was the iphone 4 Antennagate. At that point there was the iphone 5 Scuffgate. What’s more now, with the iphone 6 and 6 Plus, there is Bendgate.

Alt Text: iPhone 6 - Bendgate Controversy.
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Yes, it seems that Apple’s all-aluminum design cannot withstand the significant pressures of being placed in the front pocket of a pair of skinny jeans. Numerous owners of the iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus are reporting that their new phones have developed a noticeable bend or crease after being placed in a jeans pocket. This is not a result of people sitting on their phones; simply having them in a tight front pocket, combined with the movement of the thigh, is enough to bend the new iPhone 6 or 6 Plus.

Much of the time, these iphones aren’t twisting enough to break them — however probably, about whether, rehashed bowing will result in genuine harm.

Configuration blemish, or simply frothingly passionate Apple fans?

Right now, its really clear that the iphone 6 and iphone 6 Plus are undoubtedly bendable. Keep in mind, there are presently 10 million managers of the iphone 6 and iphone 6 Plus who are using a huge segment of their waking hours appreciating and petting their gleaming new cut of Apple enchantment. All it takes is one iphone 6 holder to report a slight unplanned shape, and all of a sudden a huge number of different managers are having a striking resemblance issue.

Setting aside such sociological attentiveness toward now — I’m not a humanist — we should concentrate on whether the iphone 6 and 6 Plus have a configuration blemish or not.

For a begin, curved telephones are not another marvel.

Metal-bodied phones, such as the iPhone 5 and 5s, were susceptible to bending when placed in the back pocket and sat on. The Sony Xperia Z1, with its metal casing, has also been documented to bend. Extensive research reveals that most phones made with metal bodies have experienced bending issues.

It may come as a surprise, but metal has the ability to bend. In particular, the inexpensive, thin, and lightweight metals used in some smartphones, like aluminum, are highly flexible. Interestingly, this flexibility is actually an advantage of using plastic instead of metal. Solid aluminum remains bent when subjected to sufficient force, whereas plastic is elastic and can regain its original shape when bent (unless it surpasses its limits and breaks, of course). It is worth noting that modern thermoplastics are remarkably resilient.

Skinny jeans:

In previous instances of bent metal phones, the primary cause was often placing them in a back pocket and sitting on them. Even if you are a lightweight person, this exerts a significant amount of force on a delicate piece of metal. This presents a much bigger issue since simply sitting down with a phone in your front pocket is a common behavior for most people.

Clearly, skinny jeans and other garments with tight pockets play a significant role.

At the same time the other unique plausibility is that

, in its proceeding with exertion to make its telephones more slender and lighter than the opposition, Apple made the metal assortment of the iphone 6 and 6 Plus simply verging on excessively thin. Shaving simply a small amount of a millimeter from the iphone 6′s aluminum undercarriage could yield noteworthy diminishments in both assembling expenses and general gadget weight (and saw weight/offset).

The issue with the “configuration defect” hypothesis, however, is that it accept Apple didn’t test its gadgets. I am decently sure that Apple has a scope of robots that put new gadgets through an arrangement of thorough tests — and I’m certain a twist test would be on that list.

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  1. iphone is the best company and flexible things dont break plz stop underestimating them cox they r expensive ,, quality is always costly,,, its not only a luxury but durability and never mess like androids

  2. it is not necessary that every costly thing is with best quality. There are so many examples where quality is low expensive if there honesty works together.But commercial world is complex

  3. It had an issue and was exposed by SAMSUNG due to market competition. In past week, iPhone already gave a detailed press conference and cleared all the doubts and its failure…. Now its fine and got maximum no of business…..

  4. iPhone 6+ in Pakistan? are you ok?
    why you are laying? Apple never supply iphone 6 or 6+ in Asia at this time.
    where you buy this? and how you unlock this phone in Asia?

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