IPhone 6 will make debut at September

Apple iPhone 6 is said to make debut in September 9. It will have redesigned 4.7-inch and 5.5-inch screen. The 4.7-inch will be unveiled first and 5.5-inch will follow. This device has created much hype in couple of months.

"Anticipated Release: iPhone 6 Set to Make Debut in September"
Image by Lumpi from Pixabay

The major discussion was about screen size which is expected to have increase. The screen was enlarged from 3.5-inch to 4-inch and it is expected to increase in iPhone 6. Apple wants to compete, windows and Android devices which acquired large display.

It is said to be released at September but there may be some delay because of production issues, these issues may resolve at that time. This device will also feature sapphire display. It is said to have thinner chassis and thinner bezel.  It is considered to be thinner than iPhone 6.

Optical image Stabilization will be the unique feature in that device. Along with IOS 8 and iWatch it will also drive in health portion. So Apple is doing wellbeing with mobile device. There were some durability tests which resulted positive, suggesting high durability and scratch resistance. The touch id found seems similar to that of iPhone 5s.

Similar to an iPad it will also have embedded logo. Apple knows that the high demand from customers for large display and it is planning to address this segment.

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