How to Get Perfect Smokey Eye Look

Smokey eye cosmetics are in style nowadays. Really it is utilized by models, on-screen characters, superstars and celebrated around the world natures. That is the reason every living soul likes Smokey eye cosmetics and needs to look like superstars by applying Smokey cosmetics. It is not exceptionally hard to get Smokey eyes, a little exertion and some of service tips and traps will help you to get Smokey eyes. Here we are giving you best ways and tips to make excellent Smokey eyes. In this sort of cosmetics dull colors are utilized to get a noticeable and engaging look.

Alt Text: Close-up of a woman's eyes with smoky eye makeup.
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The primary venture in eye cosmetics is to apply concealer, it won’t just give a smooth base for eye cosmetics additionally shroud the dim rings and any sort of spot provided that you have all over. So apply smooth concealer around the eye zone to get gleaming and smooth eye cosmetics.

Presently take a dark pencil liner and apply it over the upper lash line, this line ought to be thin from internal side (beginning stage) and thicker at external side. Presently come to lower Lash line, apply same dark pencil or kajal at inward line of the easier eye top.


The time it now,

opportunity to apply eye shades or eye shadows. These shades are basically darker dark, tan, ash and silver. Pick a color consistent with your dress shade and mix it well. Stand out eye shade can’t make Smokey eyes actually Smokey eye cosmetics is the mix of numerous shades. Te trap in this cosmetics is to union or mix these darker colors until they give an even, smooth and shiny resemble a Vip.


Attempt to keep away from smooth eye shadows as they are challenging to mix well. In the event that you are an expert and equipped to utilize velvety eye shadows then it is well and exceptional, smooth shade must help you to get flawless reflexive and Smokey eyes. However it is challenging for the tenderfoots to arrangement fittingly with velvety eye shades.


In the last apply two to three layers of mascara on both upper and easier eye lasher.

It finishes your eye cosmetics and gives excellent and broader look to your Smokey eyes. After mascara apply eye liner pencil or fluid eye liner to give fitting shape to the eyes. You can make your eyes little or huge with the assistance of eye liner.


Assuming that you need to keep your eye color new for long time then use rich shade after concealer, sit tight for at some point then cover your powder eye these advantageous tips must help you to get lovely and dazzling Smokey eyes to draw in and get each attention and revel in profound respect.

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