Fishing for Wild Salmon in Alaska

The Frozen North’s wild salmon have been proclaimed as sound, divine and feasible. Surprisingly better news, they’re back in record numbers. Here’s the reason.


Alt Text: Person fishing for wild salmon in Alaskan waters.
Image by Barbara Jackson from Pixabay

One day keep going July,

Mike Poole stood on the bow of his 32-foot bowpicker Gussie and pulled in his net, viewing dime-brilliant sockeye salmon flop onto the deck. Summer’s soaking daylight bobbed off the polished waters close Prince William Sound and made Alaska’s barbed seaside mountains sparkle as a snow-topped illusion. Everything was white and blue and silver.

Mike tallied salmon. At age 52, he’s fit and agreeable, with scored crow’s-feet and a changeless grin carved all over. He’s been angling the Copper River Flats for 30 years. “Man,” he said, “now and then you just about learn about blameworthy being here, its so decent.” Mike then took a blade out of his pocket and slice the fishes’ gill curves to drain them out as fast as would be prudent, and moved into the hold. I lifted the trembling, six-pound fish and gave them to Mike, who settled them into a bunk of ice.


These were sockeyes that incubated in the Copper River five years prior coming back from everywhere throughout the Gulf of Alaska,

stacked with the supplements and omega-3 fats they will manage themselves on their long travels again to their bringing forth grounds. Throughout the producing run salmon don’t consume, so the more drawn out the run, the wealthier the salmon, and the Copper River is one of the longest in the United States, and one of the quickest running. Since May, these fish, prized for their extreme flavor, had been landing in record numbers, which served to clarify Mike’s grin.


Mike indicated an alternate bowpicker working the flats. “That is my child’s vessel,” he said. “He’s got a degree in physical science, yet its no rivalry with the cash and the lifestyle up here.” Mike’s other child additionally has his own vessel. “It’s really sweet. I get to work adjoining my young men all summer

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