Daily Beauty Buzz: Gigi Hadid’s Matte Red Lipstick

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Sweats, no makeup, and a messy high ponytail is our uniform when we’re home for the holidays. You might plan not to leave the couch for the whole week you’re in town, but chances are your parents are going to force you to make an appearance at a family function or two.

The easiest way to look like you want to be sitting next to your quirky aunt Bonnie at dinner? Putting a little—but not too much—effort into your makeup. In need of a visual? Look no further than GigiHadid’s sharp cat eye and matte red lipstick that she wore to attend a New York Rangers game with her sister Bella and Zayn Malik’s mom.

To get the supermodel’s clean cat eye, reach for a liquid eyeliner with a fine felt tip applicator to get a precise line. Trace the liner along your upper lash line and extend it up and out when you reach the outer corner. While we don’t know the exact liner that the Hadid used, we love the Liquid Liner from her Maybelline collection ($7; ulta.com).

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"Alt text: Image showcasing Gigi Hadid wearing matte red lipstick, exemplifying her stunning beauty and style."
Image by Shahid Shafiq from Pixabay

As for the lips, opt for a super-pigmented, red liquid matte formula like Maybelline’s SuperStay Matte Ink Un-Nude Liquid Lipstick in Pioneer ($10; ), which will hold up throughout your family’s festivities.

The supermodel kept her look casual with a effortless high ponytail and hockey jersey.

Beauty Buzz Alert: Gigi Hadid Rocks Bold Matte Red Lipstick!

Prepare to be mesmerized by Gigi Hadid’s stunning look featuring a fierce matte red lipstick. This iconic shade exudes confidence and adds a touch of glamour to any occasion. Get ready to channel your inner diva and make a bold statement with this must-have beauty trend. Don’t miss out on Gigi’s beauty secrets—stay tuned for more daily beauty buzz!

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