What Makes a Country Developed?

“Created Country is one that allows all its subjects to appreciate a free and healthy life in a nature’s turf.” – Kofi Annan Former Secretary General of UN.

There are also a couple of parameters or Indices which help quantify the living conditions in the nations. In this way, enhanced Indices usually mean enhanced conditions(?).

"Unveiling Development Factors: Exploring What Makes a Country Developed"
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Thus, here are 9 easy steps to make your nation created!

1) Poverty Line. Decrease the destitution line to increase the amount of rich individuals in the nation. In as a relatable point terms, decrease the passing marks in exam to make more individuals savvy.

2) Per-capita Income. Once in few years accumulate plans, for example, Voluntary Disclosure of Income, where individuals with black cash can legitimately turn it white. It accumulates enormous amounts into calculations, accordingly drastically enhancing the statistics.

3) Safety. Don’t enlist FIR’s in the police headquarters, or at-least make them really hard to do so. Decreases the wrongdoing rate. It also helps if the amount of Police stations are less, in general.

4) International Image. With the amount of defilement, it is suspicious that the arsenal present in the nation, would ever fire, if need be. So purchase more than that is required.this also gives general impression that if a nation is a high shipper of arms, then it should already be using tremendous amount of cash to give basic necessities to the population.

5) Hunger Index. Help open more Pizza shops with tag lines – Hungry Kyaaa? and Monitor the amount of clients. Increase Cess, Tax and so on pizza with the goal that it is costlier. At that point the amount of clients would decrease. Which means relatively few individuals are Hungry. So it automatically enhances the Global yearning Index, for India.

6) General Appearance. Individuals ought to quit wearing games sneakers with formal pants. A practice still seen among nationals of creating nation, who shockingly feel it is still cool.

7) Emphasize on the conviction, Innocent until demonstrated blameworthy. Along these lines we can guarantee that the Ministers sitting in parliament are not seen as criminals by outside nations, regardless of the fact that they have criminals records or complaints pending against them. The reason is straightforward, because the cases are pending and will be pending for quite a while. Trial by Media – few of cases have to be attempted by Media. Specially which are prominent, and include film stars.

8) For Education Index (If any), start programs to give free sustenance in schools (which also means more unnecessary work to already overburdened teachers), which help enhance the attendance rate. Once the attendance has enhanced, increase the amount of national holidays to enhance it considerably more, percentage savvy.

So individuals are not sad, which means they are happy. And being happy, thus enhances their health.

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