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What are warts? Skin infection or what?

What are warts?

Warts are the type of skin infection. These are skin growths. Cause of warts is HPV. HPV is known as H “Human Papillomavirus”. There are a lot of “Human Papillomavirus”. I think there are more than 60 types of them exist. In easy word, there are more than 60 types of this virus in human beings. Human Papillomavirus cause the growth of warts (cells) on the outer layer of the body of human beings, Means on the outer layer of the skin. There are also different types of warts. However, common warts are the main cause of warts.These warts appear mostly on the neck and on the fingers of hands.

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Types of Warts and Causes:-

There are three types of warts.

Let me discuss the first one

Flat Warts:-

The first and the most common type of warts in children’s are Flat warts. We can say that these are the common warts which occur mostly in teens as compared to the adults. These are smoother than that of other warts. Flatter and smaller in shape also. In females, flat warts mostly appear on the legs of them.

Plantar Warts:-

Plantar means Foot. These warts appear on the soles of feet’s of human beings. They usually appear as a small black dot or light brown lumps shaped with little clotted blood vessels. These are called to be a little bit dangerous.

Genital Warts:-

These are smaller than that of other common warts. Sometimes it can’t be seen. They look like pink dots on the skin. Genital warts spread and grow with the passage of time. They don’t cause pain but usually bleeding and itching happens. They Aprea in the shapes of 2 or 3. Means they are paired with each other.


Warts are not so dangerous and harmful but they spread rapidly with the passage of time. These all are caused when there is a direct contact happens with HPV.  It also spread from one person to another and vice versa.

warts treatment:

Liquid Nitrogen (Cryotherapy):

The treatment applies to the warts to cause a blister. The blister elevates the wart virus away from the blood supply, causing the wart tissue to die. Pain can be experienced, resulting in scarring, and requiring multiple treatments.

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