Let me clear you about the shilajit that what it is?

It is present in the Himalayas, means in its mountains. But not everyone can find that. It’s present like as salts are present in the mountains.

Shilajit is used in the creation of medicine namely “Ayurvedic Medicine”. It’s very useful for health and it has a positive and powerful effect on the whole body of human beings.

There are lots of ways to use shilajit. Some of them are listed below.

Let’s have an eye on them.

Unveiling the transformative benefits of Shilajit: enhanced energy, cognition, immunity, and well-being. Dive into our blog post to discover more.
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Uses / Benefits of Shilajit:-

The first benefit of shilajit is that it can be used to finish/slow the progression of the disease “Alzheimer”. It’s is a disease which slow down the working of brain. Means it creates problem in thinking. It makes the behavior of person rude. It also causes some of the problem with the memory of person. According to recent researches it is proved that we can allow down the process of Alzheimer disease with the Shilajit.

As shilajit contains Fulvic acid in it. And it’s powerful antioxidant. It’s the Shilajit’s primary component.


Lower Level of Testosterone:-

It is a primary sex cell hormone of men known as Testosterone. Some of the men have lower level of this hormone in their body. There are lot of signs that ypu have lower level of this hormone in your body. Such as loss of hair. If loss of hair takes place fastly then its one reason can be lower level of testosterone. Also a timing of sex. If it is lower then it’s a sign of lower level of testosterone. Increase in the fat of body is also an example of lower level of testosterone. Fatigue is also an example.

An experiment were conducted recently where the male volunteers of ages 45-55years  were divided into two groups. They give first group placebo and to the other group they give 250mg of Shilajit. After 3months they found that the people which were taking shilajit had a great level of testosterone than that of other one.


Health Of Heart:-

Shilajit also provide a health to heart. It’s a great product or as a dietary supplement it also increases the health of heart. Recently an experiment of shilajit were conducted on the rats in the lab. After that if was seen that some of rats were injected the thing isoproterenol, to induce the injury of the heart.

But remember one thing, if a active disease of heart you have then don’t take shilajt .


Infertility is the deficiency of men sperm. Shilajit is also used to increase the number of men sperm and to finish that infertility. According to recent experiment, shilajit was given to some of infertile men and they were asked to took it twice a day and keep using it for just 90 days. After the 90 days it was observed that the sperm of lot of them were increased. And some of them show increased in the Motility sperm.

How to Use Shilajit:-

You can get it in two forms, in the form of liquid and also in the form of powder.  If you have in liquid form than dissolve a bit more in the liquid just like a size of pea. And also drink it twice a day or you can also drink in three times, it all depends on the instructions which were given by doctor to you. Otherwise, it is recommended that you can take it approx. 300 grams per day. Don’t forget to take advice from your doctor about it.

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