Longest Bridges In The World

All through the ages, man has been utilizing structural engineering to scaffold the holes between physical hindrances, with the end goal of giving a simple entry. The vast majority of these scaffolds are likewise viewed as historic points and are a fundamental piece of the bases of districts around the globe.

Alt Text: Longest Bridges - World's architectural marvels.
Image by Adam Derewecki from Pixabay

Jiaozhou Bay Bridge

Although the Jiaozhou Bay Bridge is technically the longest bridge over water, parts of it are suspended over dry land which means that the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway (#4) has been declared to be the longest bridge running over a continuous span of water.

King Fahd Causeway

Length: 16 miles (25km). It was inherent 1986 and it associate Saudi Arabia and Bahrain.

Jintang Bridge

The Jintang Bridge is 16.5 miles (26.5km) long, and it was inherent 2009 in China.

Atchafalaya Basin Bridge

Atchafalaya Basin Bridge is 18.2 miles (29.2km). It was inherent 1973 in United States and it serves as a parkway.

Shanghai Maglev line

Shanghai Maglev line is 18.58 miles (29.9km) long and it is inherent 2003 in China.

Donghai Bridge

Implicit 2005 in China, the Donghai Bridge is 20.18 miles (32.5km) long. It is a standout amongst the most heavenly looking scaffolds.

Runyang Bridge

Manufacture in China in 2005, the Runyang Bridge is 22.15 miles (35.6km) long.

Hangzhou Bay Bridge

Implicit China in 2007, the Hangzhou Bay Bridge is 22.16 miles (35.6km) long.

Yangcun Bridge

Implicit China in 2007, the Yangcun Bridge is a Beijing-Tianjin intercity line that is 22.25 miles (35.8km) long.

Manchac Swamp span

Implicit USA in 1970, The Manchac Swamp extension is 22.81 miles (36.7km) long.

Lake Pontchartrain Causeway

Implicit 1956 in USA, the Lake Pontchartrain Causeway is 23.8 miles (38.4km) long. The extension is additionally in the Guinness world record book as the longest scaffold over water (persistent).

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