Fundamental learning of fertilizer

More often than not in the dirt or showered on the harvest ground part, can straightforwardly or by implication supply trim supplements, expand yield, move forward…

"Unveiling the Fundamentals: Exploring the Essential Learning of Fertilizer"
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Fundamental learning of fertilizer

1, what is known as the fertilizer?

Generally in the dirt or splashed on the yield ground part, can straightforwardly or by implication supply trim supplements, build product yield, enhance item quality and enhancing the dirt properties, richness substance, called fertilizer. Coordinate supply product obliged those fertilizer called specifically as fertilizer, nitrogen fertilizer, phosphate fertilizer, potash fertilizer, follow component and compound fertilizer all fit in with this class. While others are basically to enhance soil physical properties, compound properties and natural properties, to enhance the development state of harvest fertilizer called aberrant fertilizer, for example, lime, gypsum and bacterial fertilizer fits in with this sort of.


3, what is the substance fertilizer?

In a slender sense, alludes to the creation of substance fertilizers by concoction strategies for fertilizer; in a wide sense, it alludes to all inorganic fertilizer compound fertilizer industry generation and moderate discharge fertilizer.

5, natural fertilizer is separated into numerous classes?

3) green fertilizer: including planting green excrement and wild green compost. (4) fertilizer: including peat and humic corrosive fertilizer, oil feast, soil sort of fertilizer and fertilizer and so on ocean.

6, concoction fertilizer and natural fertilizer, what is the distinction?

(1) the natural fertilizer contains a lot of natural matter, and has evident impact of soil; concoction fertilizer just give plant mineral sustenance, long haul utilization may cause unfriendly consequences for soil, makes the dirt “more for more insatiable”.

(2) the natural fertilizer contains an assortment of supplements, supplement far reaching parity; and fertilizer supplements contained in the kind of a solitary, long haul application of simple to cause soil and in nourishment supplement unevenness.

(3) the natural fertilizer supplement substance is low, require an extensive number of use of synthetic fertilizer, and supplement substance is high, less utilization.

(4) natural fertilizer for long time; synthetic fertilizer impact period is short yet wild, simple to cause the loss of supplements and ecological contamination.

(5) natural fertilizer got from regular


(6) natural fertilizer in the generation procedure, long after the composting methodology of full, after utilization can enhance crop dry spell safety, sickness safety and bug safety, diminish the utilization of pesticides; long haul application of synthetic fertilizer, because of diminished resistance in plants, frequently require an extensive number of substance pesticides to keep up yield development, simple to cause the hurtful substances in sustenance the increment in.

(7) the natural fertilizer contains a high number of advantageous microorganisms that can advance the dirt organic change procedure, is useful to soil fruitfulness expanded; an extensive number of long haul application of substance fertilizers could restrain the exercises of soil microbesfind Article, programmed regulation capacity to decline soil.

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