Due to its many tourist attractions, a typical fusion of Islamic beliefs and traditions with Western ideals, cultural variety, and novel chances, Dubai is among the most well-liked tourist places in the world. Although these elements notably contribute to the city’s popularity and rise in heights, there are more interesting facts about visiting and residing in city that you may wish to learn about before making travel arrangements.

Outsiders outnumber residents

The UAE’s population has grown aggressively over the past few decades. However, the cause may be different from what you may’s because of several government regulations that let enterprises and foreign nationals relocate while also giving them protection and possibilities. The outcomes are outstanding! In Dubai, the percentage of foreigners may even be higher than the national average of about 90%. There is a catch: refugees can only apply for citizenship once 20 years have passed.

Formerly, city was a desert.

People have occupied the United Arab Emirates (UAE) for 125,000 years. So far the establishment of the city now known as Dubai occurred in the 18th century.

Immerse yourself in the wonders of Dubai, a city of opulence and innovation.
Image by Haris khan from Pixabay

The city was once a fishing village with just a few hundred people. It became tiny and claustrophobic, with most contemporary towns being a desert. The terrain was unlivable; farmers wouldn’t use it to raise crops or care for animals.

The United Arab Emirates was established in 1971. Due to its vast oil reserves, the UAE became a wealthy country overnight.

Business people came to Dubai to launch companies once oil was discovered off its shore. Even though the Gulf War drove many business people away, they soon came back as oil prices increased. They began investing in Dubai’s development in the 2000s and still do so today.

Do you know?

Just around three million people are living in city . Even though Dubai is critical to the UAE, just 15% of its people are nationals. Bangladesh, Pakistan, and Indian residents make up a sizable portion of Dubai’s population. Many of these citizens are business people who relocated to Dubai to take advantage of various opportunities. Communities and businesses from India and Pakistan are spread throughout the city, particularly in high-income areas.

British nationals make up the majority of Western expatriates. However, you can also find a lot of Americans and individuals from Africa, especially Somalia.

Contains the tallest building in the world.

Yup, it’s all about Burj Khalifa! Without mentioning this great skyscraper, no discussion of the Emirates is complete. At 828 meters, it is roughly the height of three Eiffel Towers stacked on top of one another. Its shining glass front requires more than 36 workers and three months to clean. The world records held by this superstructure alone include the tallest building, most stories, the highest outdoor observation deck, the highest towering elevator service, and many more.

Immerse yourself in the wonders of Dubai, a city of opulence and innovation.
Image by Monika Neumann from Pixabay

Aquarium Suspended at its Widest

The Aquarium Tank is the largest suspended aquarium in the world, having a capacity of 10 million liters! It is located on the Dubai Mall’s lower level. The world’s most extensive collection of Sand Tiger Sharks can be found there. Over 33,000 aquatic animals from more than 200 species are kept in the aquarium.

Immerse yourself in the wonders of Dubai, a city of opulence and innovation.
Image by Mido Moos from Pixabay

There’s one of the most up-to-date places on earth.

For people from drier regions, city could be uncomfortably hot. The current record high, set in July 2019, is 49 °C. The nights are likewise not especially pleasant, with highs of up to 30°C during the summer.

the world’s largest airport building

Dubai Global Airport is one of the busiest airports globally because of its magnificent region and size. It has the most crucial terminal inside the international as a whole. Terminal Three of the airport has a pool, a jacuzzi, a gymnasium, and Zen gardens. The airport is the second busiest in Asia and gives the quickest wi-fi of any airport within the international.

The price of sending a child to university within the United States of America is much less than what the Police pressure spends on each of its supercars.

Dubai’s police department uses supercars to affect tourists and suggests how “classy” the city is, which is a thrilling truth about the town.

Vehicles just like the Ferrari FF ($500,000), Lamborghini Aventador ($397,000), and Aston Martin One-77 ($1.71 million) are protected by this.

They also personal the quickest police car in the world, a Bugatti Veyron they paid US$ 1.6 million for!

Compared to others, it costs approximately $ 100,000 to wait for four years for Big Apple College, one of the most luxurious universities in the US.

Dubai is a Supersize City.

Dubai’s mission is always to have the biggest and most significant of everything. The Burj Al-Arab, widely considered the first-class hotel in the world, is one of its many stunning lodges that attempts to be the most luxurious on earth.

Also, the city is home to one of the most critical aquariums, the largest mechanical fountain, the tallest hotel, and one of the giant indoor ski slopes around the globe.

Additionally, city will host the tallest commentary wheel in the world in 2021.

If you ever have the threat to go to this remarkably particular city, achieve this! Irrespective of the way you experience approximately it, it’s going to have a significant impact.

It’s well-known for its cutting-edge structure, high-cease shopping, lively nightlife, and popular websites. Here are a few facts about city :


Dubai has been inhabited since at least the third century BCE, spanning many thousand years. It was initially a fishing and commercial port, and its importance increased due to its strategic location along trade routes connecting Europe, Asia, and Africa. 

Economic system: 

over time, Dubai’s economy has varied, focusing on commerce, tourism, real estate, banking, and logistics. The emirate has grown into a worldwide monetary strength. It is well-known for its unfastened alternate zones, which include the Jebel Ali free sector and the city Global Financial Centre. It additionally has the sector’s busiest international airport, Dubai Global Airport.


Dubai is famous for its beautiful skyline and architectural marvels. The Burj Khalifa, the arena’s tallest shape, stands 828 meters (2,717 ft) tall. The Palm Jumeirah, a synthetic palm-fashioned island, and the Burj Al Arab, a luxury hotel built like a sail, are two extra exquisite sights.


Dubai is a popular vacationer vacation spot that attracts thousands and thousands yearly. The metropolis has a diffusion of sights, including one of the world’s most extensive shopping systems, the Dubai Mall and the Mall of the Emirates, which is remarkable for its indoor ski motel. The Dubai Fountain, Dubai Marina, and the city Miracle Lawn are crucial traveler draws. Dubai’s culture is a mixture of traditional Arabian customs and modern elements. Even though Islam is a significant faith, Dubai is famed for its compassion and variety. Visitors may learn about the city’s history by visiting the ancient Al Fahidi neighborhood, which includes the city Museum and has traditional Emirati architecture.

City is well-known for its filled entertainment and relaxation opportunities. The city hosts some international events, such as the city Shopping Festival and the Dubai World Cup. Likewise, Dubai boasts an active nighttime scene, with different clubs, pubs, and restaurants serving food worldwide.

Outdoor Activities: 

Despite its advancement, Dubai has plenty of outdoor activities. The desert around the city offers desert safaris, dune bashing, and camel riding. The coastline of city features lovely beaches where visitors may rest or participate in water activities like jet skiing, parasailing, and diving.

Dubai will continue to expand and innovate in the future. Expo 2020 city , an international display highlighting technological developments, the environment, and culture, is one crucial planned project. The Dubai Creek Tower is currently under development and intends to be taller than the Burj Khalifa.

city quick expansion, wealthy lifestyle, and commitment to technology have made it a global city, drawing people worldwide.


Dubai is well-known for being a shopper’s paradise. The city has multiple luxury shopping structures, including the Dubai Mall, Mall of the Emirates, and Ibn Battuta Mall. These shopping centers provide diverse global brands, designer shops, and entertainment options. Also, city is well-known for its historic souks (markets), such as the Gold Souk and Spice Souk, where tourists may lose themselves in the busy environment and bargain for one-of-a-kind things.


Dubai has a rich gastronomic scene that includes various international cuisines. The city caters to all tastes, from traditional Emirati meals to advanced eating experiences. Authentic Arabic mezze, fresh seafood, Indian curries, Lebanese delights, and more are accessible to visitors. city is also acknowledged for its creative fusion restaurants and world-class chefs who have made a name for themselves in the city.

Luxury and Hospitality:

 Dubai is known for luxurious experiences and luxury. The city has several excessive-cease resorts and hotels, which have received global praise. These accommodations provide lavish rooms, excellent facilities, and excellent customer support. Dubai’s motel enterprise constantly tries to surpass expectations and provide visitors with unique experiences.

Infrastructure and safety: 

City is famous for its protection and well-maintained infrastructure. The metropolis boasts a low crime fee and rigorous legal guidelines to keep people and visitors secure. The transportation gadget is current and efficient, with a nicely connected network of highways, metro strains, and cabs. Dubai’s awareness of infrastructure improvement can be visible in its contemporary airports, advanced healthcare centers, and well-saved public regions.

Initiatives for durability:

 Dubai has taken essential measures in the direction of the economy and environmental protection. The metropolis has released various packages to reduce its carbon footprint, inspire alternative energy assets, and improve strength performance. Remarkable tasks encompass the Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum Sun Park, one of the world’s most significant sun strength initiatives, and the Sustainable Town, a housing complex targeted on environmentally valuable practices.

 Cultural Festivals:

 Dubai celebrates its cultural diversity through various festivals and events. The Dubai Shopping Festival, held annually, showcases entertainment shows, fireworks, and discounts in shopping malls. The city Food Festival highlights gastronomic offerings with food-related activities, pop-up restaurants, and celebrity chef appearances. Additionally, Dubai hosts cultural festivals like the Dubai Jazz Festival and Dubai International Film Festival, attracting artists and performers worldwide.

Museums and Art: 

Dubai is developing as an art and cultural center. The city has many art galleries and essential festivals like Art Dubai. The Dubai Opera, an architectural masterpiece, features a variety of acts such as opera, ballet, theatre, and concerts. Museums such as the Dubai Museum, Etihad Museum, and city Frame shed light on the city’s history, culture, and advancement.

Dubai’s constant growth, devotion to innovation, and commitment to giving outstanding experiences define it as a distinct and vibrant metropolis that attracts people from all walks of life.

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